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No-Cost Mass Save© Energy Audits in Lynn, MA

Trying to be more mindful and take a step toward cleaner living after checking your high energy bills? To help reduce energy loss in your home, NEEECO offers effective home energy audits sponsored by your utility company. Best of all, Mass Save© sponsors any insulation or air-sealing upgrades to your home. Heating and cooling account for roughly 54% of your utility bills, with the average family spending nearly $2,000 a year. Whether it’s poor insulation, leaky ducts, or gaps in the walls, your heating and cooling system could be ineffective, which is where NEEECO comes in.

Our energy audits are very thorough. First, we’ll replace your light bulbs with LED bulbs, which use between 50–80% less energy and last up to 10 times longer. We’ll also demonstrate how to help lower your water bill, and then audit your home to fully evaluate your current energy efficiency or energy conservation. Next, we’ll provide you with information on how to improve your energy efficiency and offer insulation upgrades, HVAC upgrades, solar systems, and window upgrades. When our home performance advisor is done, our no-cost energy audit will leave you fully informed on how to take the next step toward better energy efficiency.

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NEEECO is a Mass Save Home Performance Contractor. We can perform a wide variety of energy efficiency measures which Mass Save heavily subsidizes. MassSave (basically your utility companies) will pay for the majority of your home's energy improvements. The advantage of having NEEECO perform your audit is that we offer a full gamut of energy services: insulation, solar, HVAC, windows, etc.