Happy Holidays! With Gifts That Keep On Giving!

energy efficient home

Ho Ho Ho!

The best time of the year is here – the festive winter holidays!

And the best part about this holiday season are family gatherings and gifts. And when it comes to gifts, they are often difficult to choose for each family member. Sometimes they’re silly gifts, while at other times they may completely miss the mark.

But are they actually useful gifts?

What if instead of the usual sweaters, scarves, and Christmas mugs you could give someone the gift of an energy efficient home?

It may not be the traditional gift of the times, but considering the fact that during the winter season an average U.S. family will spend between $500 and $1,500 on heating costs, what better gift than saving money?

Some of the Best Gifts Cost Nothing!

There is a plethora of possible gifts to choose from for this holiday season, and each one brings its own energy efficient value to a home.

LED Lightbulbs

Not only do they use 75% less energy than the average lightbulb, they also last 25 times longer. They are easy to install, have great lighting, and immediately start saving money for the home.

Advanced Power Strips

Otherwise known as smart power strips, their purpose is to cut power when they detect that an appliance is in standby mode, such as the T.V. These can save up to 20% on energy costs.

Low-flow Shower Heads

Water is a precious resource and should never be wasted. By installing a low-flow shower head you can reduce the water waste in your home by 50%.

Faucet Aerators

Similarly, the water that we use in our faucets can often flow endlessly for no reason. Faucet aerators reduce the flow of water and are also able to cut water waste by 50%.

Programmable Thermostat

An energy efficient thermostat can save multiple different settings for a home and detect when each setting should be used throughout the day. By installing one of these you can save 12% of energy waste.

And many more energy home improvements to choose from!

Start Preparing Your Gift Now

Neeeco will help you add no-cost extra gifts to your holidays by turning your home into an energy saving home. Learn how simple it is to do from our friendly home energy experts. There’s no cost and no pressure, so ring in the holidays with some extra cheer!

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