window air conditioners

Mass Save Room Air Conditioner Rebate

If an air conditioner is one of those units that you’ve been holding off on buying, the time is now. Don’t wait until you’re sweating in uncomfortable places during the summer. If you buy it now and install it before the heat hits, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of your forward-thinking very soon.

clothes washer

Mass Save Clothes Washers Rebate

If you’re looking to save money, save the environment, and save your clothes, it’s time to upgrade to a new and efficient washer. If you kick out your old washer and replace it with a new ENERGY STAR®-certified model, you might be eligible to receive a rebate of up to $150 from Mass Save®.

heat pump repair

How to Maintain Your Heat Pump

When you invest in a heat pump, you want it to continue to work efficiently. The best way to keep it in top shape is to maintain it properly. Like any other well-running machine, your heat pump requires care and routine maintenance.

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What Are the Mass Save® Heat Pump Rebates? 

The Sponsors of the Mass Save® program are making it easier than ever for Massachusetts homeowners to make energy efficient upgrades, like installing heat pumps. Customers of Unitil, National Grid, and Eversource can qualify for Mass Save heat pump rebates worth up to $15,000—depending on the type of heat pump!  Neeeco is here to help … Read more

Heat pump water heater in home

What You Should Know About the Mass Save® Heat Pump Water Heater Incentive

Did you know heat pump water heaters can be two to three times more energy efficient than conventional water heaters? Unlike traditional water heaters, heat pump water heaters don’t generate heat directly. Instead, they capture heat that’s already present in the surrounding air and transfer it to their storage tanks to heat the water inside. … Read more


How to Reduce the Cost of Heat Pump Usage

Heat pumps are energy-efficient ways to heat and cool your home. While they tend to be less expensive than other heating and cooling methods, there are still ways to reduce the cost of your energy bills. No one wants to pay more in energy costs than is absolutely necessary. Here are some tips to reduce the cost of operating your heat pump in your home.

water heater

Natural Gas Heating and Water Heating Rebate

The sponsors of Mass Save® would like you to know that you can increase your savings by lowering your energy costs when you switch to more efficient heating equipment. If you’re in the market for just a natural gas water heater, you can receive a rebate of up to $700.

air filter

Air filters that save money and health

With COVID-19 being an airborne disease, people have become much more cautious about the air they’re breathing in. That’s why air cleaners have seen a surge of interest in the past few years. These cleaners are also good if someone in your family has allergies or is extremely sensitive to musty spaces. Room air cleaners remove small particles – like pollen and dust, both of which set off many people’s allergies – and even bad smells from the year.

heat pump

When Should I Replace My Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are HVAC devices capable of providing both heating and cooling with efficient use of energy. However, their performance can deteriorate when they fail to function correctly. How do you tell if this happens and whether it’s time to begin shopping for a new one? Let’s find out how to determine whether your heat pump needs repair or is beyond repair.

heat pump

Did You Know That There Is More Than One Kind of Heat Pump?

Before you purchase your new heat pump, it’s important to understand the differences between the available types. To fully do that, you should consult with a heating and air specialist. Here is a broad overview of three kinds of heat pumps to better inform your selection

ductless mini-split heat pump

What Are the Advantages of A Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump?

When it’s time to replace your heating and cooling unit, you will likely want to look for something that is energy efficient and gives you design flexibility. If that sounds like you, a ductless mini-split heat pump may be the right option for your home. These heating and cooling small systems are easier to install, smaller, and save you money on energy costs.

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How Can the Mass Save® Program Help Save Energy and Money?

The Mass Save program is changing the way we use energy here in Massachusetts. Through the program, Massachusetts homeowners can receive new insulation rebates, energy rebates, and more to make their homes more energy efficient, leading to less waste and lower energy bills. Neeeco is your local Mass Save partner and we’re here to help … Read more