Solar PPA

Understanding Solar PPAs in 2024 for Massachusetts Residents

Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are an increasingly popular option for Massachusetts residents looking to transition to solar energy. Despite their growing popularity, many people are still unclear about what a Solar PPA entails and how it can benefit them. Let’s break down what a Solar PPA is, how it operates, and its place within … Read more

Solar Panel and Hail Damage

Solar Panels and Hail Damage: How to Protect Your Solar Panels in Massachusetts

With the onset of hail season, the urgency to protect solar panels from potential damage increases significantly. This is particularly true in Massachusetts, where weather patterns can change abruptly and bring severe hailstorms that threaten the structural integrity of solar installations. Solar panels are designed to be remarkably durable and resilient. According to recent data … Read more

Solar Panel at Home

How Many Solar Panels Does It Take To Power a House?

The increasing focus on environmental sustainability has made the idea of installing solar panels an attractive proposition for homeowners globally. However, starting this journey often involves navigating through complex technical specifications and a confusing regulatory landscape. Homeowners frequently have to sift through online resources filled with technical jargon and ambiguous financial promises, which complicates the … Read more

women sitting in hot room in house

Why Is One Room in My House So Hot?

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to contend with that one hot room in your house you’ve been avoiding. You know the one, where it always feels 10 degrees hotter than the rest of your home, even with the AC blasting.  Temperature fluctuations are a common problem in Massachusetts homes. Thankfully, there’s usually a simple … Read more

HOA and Solar Installation

The Ins-and-Outs of HOA and Solar Panel Installation

Navigating the complexities of homeowners’ association (HOA) policies is essential when considering modifications like solar panel installations. While solar panels are acclaimed for their environmental and economic benefits, homeowners often face a rigorous approval process dictated by their HOAs. The Role of an HOA HOAs are established to enhance property values by maintaining high aesthetic … Read more

happy mother and daughter holding a piggy bank in kitchen

Hot Savings Tips To Cool Down Your Summer Energy Expenses

We all tend to use more electricity in the summer to run our air conditioners and keep our homes cool. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to save on AC expenses without sacrificing comfort.  To help you save both energy and money this summer, we’ve gathered some of the best summer energy efficiency tips for … Read more

vermiculite insulation in attic

What Is Vermiculite Insulation & Is it Dangerous?

Vermiculite insulation is one of the most common health and safety hazards in Massachusetts homes. If you live in an older home, there’s a good chance you have vermiculite insulation hiding in your attic. Whether you know you have vermiculite insulation in your house or just found out about it during your no-cost Mass Save® … Read more

Neeeco is growing!

The New England Energy Efficiency Company is excited to announce new teams, a new location, and an expanded service area. Neeeco is growing! We’ve opened a new location in the southern part of the state – we’re moving from our 1,200 sq. ft. location in Taunton to a new, 8,000 sq. ft. at 244 Liberty … Read more

duplex in boston massachusetts

Healthy Home Handbook: Identifying and Eliminating Home Hazards

When was the last time you checked your home for health and safety hazards? If it’s been a while, you’re not alone. Checking for hazards is something most homeowners don’t think about until it’s too late.  But hazards like asbestos, vermiculite insulation, and knob and tube wiring can cause serious health and safety issues, so … Read more

insulation on the floor of the attic

Are There Rebates for Attic Insulation in Massachusetts?

If your energy costs are out of control, upgrading your attic insulation can help. Attic insulation traps heat inside your home during the winter and blocks it out during the summer. This makes it easier for your heating and cooling systems to keep your home comfortable, so you can run them less frequently and save … Read more

solar panels in the city with green trees

Benefits of Adding Renewal Energy to Your Homes 

The idea of generating clean, renewable energy has captured the imagination of many homeowners looking to cut costs and contribute to a greener planet. By switching to renewable energy, homeowners can enjoy several benefits, including lower utility bills, greater energy reliability, and a reduced environmental impact. Why Choose Renewable Energy? One of the most compelling … Read more

heat pump mini split at home in the living room

5 Reasons to Install a Mini Split Heat Pump in Massachusetts

Does your heating and cooling system need an upgrade? A ductless mini split heat pump is a great option! Mini split heat pumps are all-electric and can provide both heating and cooling for your home in one unit. There are many advantages of ductless mini splits for Massachusetts homeowners, including highly efficient operation. Keep reading … Read more