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Pay nothing to get incentives, rebates, & savings

Your no-cost Mass Save Home Energy Audit will show you all the energy saving home improvements that will cut your energy bills. In addition, you can receive many energy saving devices at no cost to you.

No-Cost home energy audit
Start benefiting from the Mass Save program with a no-cost home energy audit.

No-cost energy-saving products
Pay nothing for energy saving devices that increase your money savings.

Custom energy savings plan
Learn how to increase your home's energy efficiency.

Rebates and incentives
Receive discounts on home improvements, appliances, and energy savings devices.

We are a Mass Save Partner

Since 2016 Neeeco has partnered with Mass Save to bring our customers all the energy saving incentives and rebates Mass Save offers. We’ve helped thousands and saved millions in costs! 

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Mass Save incentives and rebates up to 100% off

Thanks to the Mass Save program, there are many ways to save beyond the no-cost home energy audit. From rebates on major home appliances to thermostats, discounts can be found for saving energy throughout the home. Here are just some of the many items you’ll find discounts on by Mass Save®.


Upgrade old units for more efficient performance

Save Over
On Rebates


Insulate your home to keep energy from leaking out of it

Save Up To
On Discounts


Install energy saving devices that cost less to operate

On Incentives

How do I get Mass Save rebates?

Our Mass Save no-cost home energy audit will do a complete profile of your home’s energy consumption and
energy losses. We’ll then tell you how to improve the performance so that you can save both energy and money.

Get a Home Energy Audit with our Energy Assessment specialists

Receive no-cost energy saving devices, rebates, and incentives to upgrade your home

Schedule additional home improvement incentives like 75-100% off home insulation upgrades

Enjoy the continuous savings from an energy efficient home with lower energy bills.