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Why Work for Neeeco?

Come work for one of the largest Home Performance Contractors of the Mass Save program. Neeeco has a solid foundation of operation from years getting established in the industry. But we also are still growing even larger, and you can be part of it! The many benefits of joining our team include:

Careers with a Company Taking Off

If you’ve got the talent and motivation, we’ve got the careers and rewards. Neeeco is quickly growing company who in just a few years has become one of the main Mass Save service providers. From providing no-cost home energy assessments to performing home insulation installs up to 100% off, we are in the business of saving people money on their electric bills. Come join the team who is putting more money in people’s pockets!

Employee giving thumbs up
Office meeting
Two techs talking next to truck
neeeco truck with insulation in front
mass save HEA
Feeding insulation into blower
Tech with instrument