Power your home with free energy from the sun


The future of energy has arrived. Start generating free electricity directly from the sun and stop paying electric bills. With plummeting prices of technology combined with generous government incentives, solar has become financially affordable for everyone. And once installed, the monthly utility costs go down as savings go. Find out more about this revolutionary energy of the 21st century.


We plug you into the sun!

Solar - Free Energy

Solar - Free Energy

There’s no cost to sunlight, and whenever it shines you can convert its energy into electricity.
Tomorrow's Technology, Today

Tomorrow's Technology, Today

From fields full of solar arrays to roofs covered in solar panels, this alternative energy now quickly becoming mainstream.
No sun? No Problem

No sun? No Problem

On cloudy days when not enough solar energy gets generated, the electric grid acts like a battery, always at the ready to supply when needed.
Extra Production> Extra Income

Extra Production > Extra Income

If you generate surplus energy, it can be pushed back onto the electric grid earning you income or credits against any electricity you draw from the grid.

Solar System designed for you

We will do a careful analysis of your home and all the variables that might affect its solar production. At no cost to you, our engineers will design a system catered to your situation and energy needs. You will get an accurate estimate of what energy production to expect before signing any contracts or paying any money. We want you to be informed when deciding on solar and satisfied when living on it.


The Installation process

Adding a solar system to your roof can seem like a daunting home improvement project, but our team of technicians makes it quick and easy. We will take care of every detail, from permits to screws. All you need to do is flick the power switch when we’re done. The steps involved are: Consultation > Engineering analysis > Installation > Power-up > Protection

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