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Take Advantage of Your Mass Save Contribution

Did you know you pay for an energy saving program dedicated to giving you no-cost incentives? Learn how to get your money back from Mass Save in our latest blog.

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Stop your home from leaking money

While most people are concerned with turning their house into a castle, today we’ll explore how to turn your domicile into a dungeon for wanderlust-stricken photons and help your castle protect its crowned Joules.

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Saving With Solar Is A Bipartisan Vote

Regardless of politics, one bipartisan wish that we all share is the desire to have more money in our bank accounts. Neeeco has the campaign promise that delivers: solar energy! There are no deceiving stump speaches, no flip-flopping positions, no sneaky rhetoric, no back room dealings here. Just honest, simple savings.

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Solar shines above the dark ages of dirty energy

From fire to fossil fuels to renewables, energy has evolved over the millennium. Today, solar stands on the cutting edge of energy revolution, and its technology is available at affordable prices for anyone’s home energy production.

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Solar energy brings energy savings for no money down

Whether to lease or own your solar system is a decision hinged upon a multitude of factors. These include the difference in costs, your capacity to provide maintenance, and how long you’re willing to wait for the savings to materialize.

stores open doors to neeeco

Stores host NEEECO to help customers cut energy costs

Big brand stores like Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Stop & Shop, and Staples are choosing NEEECO as a trusted name to partner with. While you’re shopping we’ll help you with savings We are excited to announce that NEEECO is being welcomed into more and more stores throughout the region, helping customers learn how to … Read more