Get $16,000 Heat pump Rebate + No-cost mass save Incentives

HVAC Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pumps Deliver Energy Efficient Heating And Cooling Systems


One Mass Save Incentive Leads to More Energy Saving Incentives

Getting your Mass Save Heat Pump rebate means getting another Mass Save incentive: a no-cost home energy assessment! Learn about all the incentives you’re eligible for that will save you money.

No-cost Mass Save Home Energy Assessment

One of our energy specialists will assess the energy efficiency of your home at no cost to you. Not only will you discover what the problems are, you’ll also learn how to fix them with no-cost incentives such as rebates to upgrade old appliances, energy saving power strips, and 75-100% off home insulation.

75-100% off Home Insulation

Your Mass Save Home Energy Assessment can qualify you for additional savings on home improvement measures, including 75-100% off on insulation. You’ll save even more money with a well insulated home!

$16,000 Heat Pump Rebate

After getting your Mass Save Home Energy Assessment you could be eligible for the $16,000 heat pump rebate. Neeeco will connect you with one of our trusted HVAC partners to use your heat pump rebate immediately.

What’s A Heat Pump?

Get heating and cooling in one device

A heat pump provides the perfect temperature all year round by acting as both as a heating and cooling system. When temps are cold, the device transfers heat from outside to inside. When temps are hot, heat pumps run in reverse to cool your home by moving the heat from inside to outside. The latest generation of heat pumps uses high efficiency technology that saves energy and money throughout the seasons.

What Are The Advantages Of A Mini-Split Heat Pump?

There are many benefits from savings to comfort, including:

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Big Savings

Save money with energy efficient operation and rebates

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Easy Installation

A ductless mini-split only needs thin hoses without messy ductwork

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Integrated Controls

Will let you switch between the heat pump and original HVAC source

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Comfort and Convenience

Enjoy the perfect temp anywhere in your home

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Air Filtration

Breather cleaner indoor air

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Silent Operation

Much quieter than furnaces or central air

Get your Mass Save program rebates

It costs nothing to get energy saving incentives

Trusted and Reliable HVAC Partners

We partner with the industry’s best HVAC installers who we hold to the same high standards
that Neeeco performs to. You’re in goods that won’t let you down.

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