Get Energy Efficient With the Mass Save Energy Program

Everyone likes to save money. Ask a group of ten people, and you will very likely have ten identical answers.

But the trick to saving money is not something that everyone knows how to achieve. Cutting cords and watching your spending can help, but a significant impact on your finances can come from your home.

The Mass Save Energy Program is Massachusett’s answer to energy efficiency and cost savings for consumers. Read on to find out more about the Mass Save program, and how it can put money back in your pocket.

What is the Mass Save Energy Program?

The Mass Save Energy Program is an initiative from the Massachusetts state government. It is designed to increase energy efficiency in its residents’ homes.

The initiative partners with various gas and electric utilities and energy-efficient companies. These companies offer a host of resources and incentives to consumers. In turn, participants in the program are able to save money on their energy bills.

The Mass Save program includes:

  • Air Leak Sealing
  • Programmable Thermostats

Sealing air leaks in your home helps keep hot and cool air within your home, instead of sucking it outside. When you can keep more of that hot and cool air within your home, there is less need to adjust your thermostat or air conditioner to keep up with hot or cold days.

Programmable thermostats are a fantastic way to regulate the temperature of your home. Keep temperatures low when you are not at home, and watch your energy costs decrease.

How Mass Save Can Affect Your Home

Converting to energy-efficient products and appliances can be a significant investment. But the upfront costs translate into an average savings of twenty-five percent on home energy bills. This twenty-five percent savings averages over two thousand dollars in savings per year!

By enrolling in the Mass Save program, you can expect to see significant decreases in your energy bills by following the Mass Save guidelines. And who does not like to save money?

Partners of the Mass Save initiative have a bounty of resources to help your home achieve maximum energy efficiency, no matter the current state of your home.

As a leader in US energy efficiency, Massachusetts wants its residents to achieve energy efficiency with the right tools as resources at their fingertips. No matter what resources you need, Mass Save can help.

Energy Efficiency is the Way of the Future

There is no question that energy efficiency is the way of the future. Saving money on your home energy bills means extra money back in your pocket. Extra money can greatly ease a homeowner’s stress on finances.

Energy efficiency also eases the demand for natural resources, which in turn helps the planet.

If you are not enrolled in the Mass Save Energy Program and you live in Massachusetts, contact Neeeco for more information on the program. Our energy efficiency experts can provide you with a comprehensive plan for turning your home into an energy-efficient paradise.