Everything You Need to Know About the Mass Save Energy Assessment

Sick of staring at mountains upon mountains of energy bills, trying to figure out how the cost got so high even when you’ve used your electricity sparingly? It starts to feel like a joke after a while, right? However, a lot of energy incentives and rebates have started to trickle down from the federal and state levels, helping to reward those who don’t waste power.

For those in Massachusetts, there’s a new big-name program they get access to: the Mass Save Energy Assessment. But what is this program, and how can it help you?

That’s where we come in with our manual to everything you need to know about the Mass Save Energy Assessment. Let’s start by breaking down how the program works.

How the Mass Save Energy Assessment Works

The Mass Save program was created as the result of a collaboration between many of the biggest names in the Massachusetts energy business, from Blackstone Gas Company to Liberty Utilities. The intent behind the program was to help make it more feasible for homeowners to swap or upgrade their utilities to more powerful ones. They also don’t hurt the environment as much (like less-demanding LED lights).

To get the assessment, you’ll want to reach out to the Mass Save campaign to get an energy manager down to test your home. The energy manager will look around your house and check to see if there any cracks, leaks, or wire damage in your house.

They will also test your HVAC systems and ventilation to make sure you’re getting proper insulation. Insulation is vital for keeping your house heated during the colder months and locking cold air inside during the summer.

If you qualify, the Mass Save program will give you massive discounts towards upgrading your home’s insulation and heating. The program will also provide free power strips that allow you to reduce energy usage without compromising safety.

Special LED lightbulbs and customizable thermostats are also tools the program offers. Using these thermostats over time can even earn you extended rewards within the program.

The Mass Save Heat Loan

Another perk offered by the Mass Save program is the heat loan. If you qualify, certain banks will provide sizable loans towards improving the appliances and HVAC systems within your house.

Keep in mind that banks do not give this loan based entirely on your qualification within the Mass Save program. You’ll also need to have a sufficient credit score and provide financial documents like your asset statements to the bank. Using these loans in tandem with the savings of the Mass Save program can help you revitalize your home’s energy usage without breaking the bank.

Cool For the Summer

With this guide to everything you need to know about the Mass Save Energy Assessment, you’re now ready to get major savings today! To get started on saving big and giving your home the energy upgrade it deserves, make sure to contact us and let us know what we can do to help.