Energy-efficient thermostat rebates

With Connected Solutions, you can have a thermostat that works smarter, not harder.

Many Mass Save customers, including homeowners, renters, or small business owners can earn incentives from Connected Solutions when they connect their thermostat devices to the program. This can help lower electricity use during times when energy is in high demand.

Each qualifying customer can receive a $25 incentive upon enrollment as well as a $20 incentive annually for each device that is connected to a central air conditioning unit.

How the Program Works

When it is quite hot in an area, and everyone is using their air conditioning, electricity use it at its peak. If everyone can work together to reduce their energy use during these peak times, it can help reduce pollution and the long-term costs of electricity.

When you enroll your thermostat with Connected Solution, your Mass Save sponsor will send a signal that is connected to your device to cool your home before peak demand. During peak times, your thermostat will be able to adjust within 4°.

The total peak events during the summer will be about 15, all on weekdays between June and September. They will take place between 2pm and 7pm, but will only last about three hours.

It is also a choice to opt-out of any peak event so you can retain full control of your thermostat if this benefits you during the time of sponsor control. If you seem to need to unenroll from the majority of the events, you can unenroll or Mass Save will unenroll you the following year.

Unfortunately, if your home is not outfitted with central air conditioning, you are not eligible for this program. However, there are many other programs available to help you save on energy and related costs!

List of Qualifying Thermostats

The following thermostats are eligible for the program.

  • Building 36/
  • Ecobee
  • Emerson
  • Honeywell (this includes Lyric thermostats)
  • Lux
  • Nest
  • Radio
  • Vivint.SmartHome

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