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Measure installation requirements, conditions, exceptions

The Mass Save Program prohibits its Mass Save Contractors to install any thermal shell improvements without the following: 

  • A comprehensive whole house assessment first a program-approved entity.  
  • Development of an approved “Scope of Work”.  

The whole house assessment helps in preventing potential dangers by providing site-specific recommendations. No doubt, that even without the assessment the house may benefit from the thermal shell improvements, but there may be conditions that would hinder a safe Mass Save Measure installment. The following are some conditions: 

  1. Existing moisture problems. 
  2. Mold or the appearance of a mold-like substance. 
  3. Structural concerns. 
  4. Active knob-and-tube wiring (sign-off by a licensed electrician will be needed to proceed to ensure knob-and-tube wiring is not active) 
  5. Existing conditions of specific building components. 
  6. Combustion safety issues. 
  7. Asbestos. 
  8. Inaccessibility. 
  9. Infestation. 
  10. Recessed lights verified by a licensed electrician. 
  11. Handling any of the above-mentioned conditions is outside the scope of the Mass Save Program. 

It is the Mass Save Contractors’ responsibility to assess, document, and explain to the customer the conditions that may hinder the implementation of thermal shell improvements. This should be done before starting work under the program and should be documented and submitted appropriately. In the case of the customer correcting the condition personally, the thermal improvement may be carried out.  

Now it may be possible that the condition might appear during the progression of approved work, in such a case the Mass Save Contractor should bring this into the PA vendor’s knowledge, to either: 

  1. Disclose and leave the detected specific areas unaltered. 
  2. Disclose and until the specific areas are taken care of by others. 
  1. Disclose the conditions to the homeowner and continue the work. 
  2. Disclose and alter the work scope to account for the condition.

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