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Overview of Mass Save Health and Safety Guidelines

The Mass Save program takes the health and safety responsibility of its customers, program staff, and contractors as its top priority. Awareness regarding the potential hazards associated with the whole weatherization process should be top-notch for all personnel. The guidelines provided in this standard are general and limited for health and safety concerns. 

 The Mass Save Contractors should educate themselves on all the potential hazards associated with the weatherization process. For further information, the personnel should investigate:   

  1. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. consumer product Safety Commission provide detailed information concerning indoor air quality problems. 
  2. Construction Industry OSHA Safety and Health Standards (29 CFR 1926/1910) U.S. Department of Labo, provides detailed information on the health and safety of workers in the construction industry.

The above-specified standards are not only for the Mass Save Contractors but for all their employees, associated workers, and all Mass Save sub-contractors who work under the program’s hood. 

Inspection for any potential hazards to CUSTOMERS or Mass Save CONTRACTORS of every home to be weatherized under the Mass Save program is mandatory. In case of the home being hazardous enough to threaten the health and safety of the Mass Save Contractor or the Customer, with no solution to correct the potential danger then no MASS SAVE work will be done in the home. 

Before starting work, The Mass Save Contractor is responsible for performing the following Mass Save energy assessments:  

  1. Combustion Safety Testing per the Building Performance Institute (BPI) Technical Standards for the Building Analyst Professional. This should be performed test in and test out (before commencing work and after completion). 

The Mass Save Contractors and sub-Contractors both are responsible to take enough precautionary measures to save the occupants from any potential health or safety risk. 

Mass Save Contractors are advised to create their Health and Safety Policy and then train their employees accordingly. They shall supply Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and make sure it is available on all worksites, holding all the information related to the materials used by their employees.  

OSHA Standards for worker’s health and safety are to be followed by all employees working under the Mass Save program hood, from Mass Save Contractors to their employees, Mass Save sub-contractors, and even associated workers.  

Mass Save Contractors should follow all the state and federal policies and practices required for lead-safe work. (See Appendix 16.1) 

Mass Save Contractors should perform a prior installation inspection, to document and communicate all potential health/safety-related dangers that might result in an injury or property damage.

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