National Grid Rebates: 2024 Guide for Massachusetts Residents

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If you’re a National Grid customer in Massachusetts, you could save thousands of dollars on home upgrades like insulation, air sealing, heat pump installation, and more! National Grid is a Sponsor of Mass Save® and offers generous rebates for energy-saving home improvements. 

National Grid Is a Sponsor of Mass Save 

Mass Save is a collaborative of Massachusetts’ electric and natural gas utilities and energy efficiency service providers, including National Grid. The Sponsors of Mass Save empower Massachusetts residents to make energy efficiency improvements to their homes by offering rebates and incentives for home upgrades that save energy and, in many cases, money. If you are a customer of National Grid (or any other Mass Save Sponsor) you’re eligible for Mass Save rebates and incentives. 

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What Are the Mass Save Rebates for National Grid Customers? 

There are several National Grid energy rebates* available in 2024, including: 

Energy Assessments: No-Cost Home Energy Assessments 

The Sponsors of Mass Save offer no-cost Home Energy Assessments to identify energy-saving opportunities in your home. During your assessment, an Energy Specialist will look for energy-saving opportunities, recommend upgrades, and determine which rebates and incentives you qualify for. 

Heat Pump Rebates: Up to $10,000 

With National Grid heat pump rebates, you can save up to $10,000 on a new heat pump heating and cooling system. Mini split heat pumps provide ultra-efficient heating and air conditioning so you can save energy all year long while keeping your house comfortable.

Insulation Incentives: 75-100% Off Home Insulation 

As a Sponsor of Mass Save, National Grid can help you improve the insulation in your home for little to no cost. Mass Save offers rebates for 75-100% off the cost of an insulation upgrade. Weatherizing your home with insulation is the first step toward better energy efficiency and lower energy consumption. Even if you have some insulation in your house, you can still qualify for Mass Save insulation incentives to make improvements. 

Air Sealing Incentives: No-Cost Air Sealing 

Air sealing is a key component of home weatherization. As a National Grid customer, you may qualify for no-cost air sealing. 

To air seal a house, air leaks—small gaps and openings around windows, doors, chimneys, plumbing and wire penetrations, basement rim joists, attic hatchets, and other areas—are closed with an air sealing material like caulk or weatherstripping. This stops air transfer, so warm air stays in during the winter and out during the summer. 

Replacement Window Rebates: $75 Per Window 

You can save $75 per window when you replace single-pane windows with ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient windows. The typical home can save $101 to $583 a year by upgrading to ENERGY STAR Most Efficient windows! 

*Some restrictions apply. Offers are subject to change or cancellation. Visit for full details.

Can National Grid Rebates be Combined with Federal Energy Incentives? 

Yes! In most cases, you can stack Mass Save incentives and federal energy efficiency incentives together to maximize your savings. The federal government offers two tax credits for energy efficiency and clean energy upgrades: 

  • Energy Efficiency Home Improvement tax credit: A 30% federal tax credit for qualifying energy efficiency improvements, with a $1,200 annual cap. 
  • Solar tax credit: A 30% federal tax credit for solar panel and solar battery installation, with no maximum. 

How to Get Started 

Ready to start saving energy and money? Scheduling a no-cost Home Energy Assessment with a participating Mass Save contractor is the first step! Neeeco is a long-standing energy efficiency company in Massachusetts and we are proud to be a Mass Save partner. We can tell you more about the savings opportunities available and how you can take advantage of them during a no-cost Home Energy Assessment. Schedule yours today! 

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