polar bear on a small sheet of ice in the middle of the water showing global warming

Climate change risks catastrophes as early as 2040

Recently, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released an alarming report declaring that the planet’s climate change concerns may soon reach a boiling point. In what has been hailed as “…the most thorough distillation of existing data on climate change to date,” the panel outlined a grim future waiting in the wings should humanity not drastically reduce its output of emissions.

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Take Advantage of Your Mass Save Contribution

Did you know you pay for an energy saving program dedicated to giving you no-cost incentives? Learn how to get your money back from Mass Save in our latest blog.

cozy home cozy savings graphic

Stop your home from leaking money

While most people are concerned with turning their house into a castle, today we’ll explore how to turn your domicile into a dungeon for wanderlust-stricken photons and help your castle protect its crowned Joules.