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Reclaim Your Investment In Mass Save®

If energy should be invested into any goal, it should be towards saving it! Statewide conservation of energy not only serves to protect the environment and reduce emissions, but also brings down utility costs for subscribers across the board (and across the grid). While residential customers of Eversource, National Grid, Unitil, and Cape Light Compact may know that they can depend on Mass Save® for rebates of up to $3250 on new heating systems, what they may not know is that Mass Save® is indirectly funded by them!If you’ve ever taken a glance at your electric bill, you might have noticed an “Energy Efficiency” charge. Despite what its name might connote, it’s not a penalty for being too energy efficient! To the contrary, the charge serves as a revenue stream for the Mass Save® program. Read on to discover exactly what this program for which you’ve already paid delivers, and how to maximize the ways in which it benefits you!

Government programs dedicated to helping consumers increase their energy efficiency have cropped up throughout the nation. Massachusetts’ own iteration of these initiatives is known as Mass Save® and as its name would suggest, it can help you save – massively!

The Mission of Mass Save®

Mass Save® began in the wake of the passage of the 2008 Green Communities Act (GCA). The objectives of the legislation were to overhaul the way that energy-efficiency programs were conceived and delivered, as well as consolidate several successful, existing independent programs under one, statewide charter. Though electric and oil companies had been running a variety of different, unique energy-efficiency programs in their respective territories, the state house thought it best to place these initiatives under the same umbrella in order to guarantee all Bay State residents the same privileges and incentives. With an increasing amount of energy providers delivering services to Massachusetts homeowners, it became evident that in order to attain collective savings goals, cross-provider collaboration would be required. A centralized, unified program would allow for the maximization of per-customer savings, reduce customer confusion, increase the capture of economies of scale, and secure compliance with the Green Communities Act. As a result, it became apparent that a cohesive, collaborative effort would be most effective, and this led to the inception of Mass Save®.

The Accomplishments of Mass Save®

Now entering its tenth year, Mass Save® has been a massively successful program that has consistently and reliably hit its goals. According to the Term Report that the project filed with the Department of Public Utilities, Mass Save® has proven its worth in the form of unrivaled savings. In fact, following its instatement, Massachusetts ranked first on the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s official scorecard.

But Mass Save® has done more than line the Commonwealth’s trophy mantle. Leading estimates demonstrate that the program has allowed Massachusetts residents to reduce their annual consumption of electricity by a shocking 3,924,746 megawatt-hours. Similarly, usage of gas has gone down by 78,733,649 therms!

What does all of this amount to in dollars and cents? The results are truly breathtaking – $9,339,414,836 have been saved throughout the course of Mass Save®’s term. This equates to the program generating an average of $4.69 in results for every dollar spent on it.

Of course, there are other elements in life in addition to money – such as having a job to go to and clean air to breathe on the way to it – and Mass Save® has contributed generously to the exponentiation of both. Massachusetts residents can breathe easy knowing that they’re inhaling air that isn’t saturated with toxic emissions.

According to Mass Save®‘s 2013-2015 term report, the program resulted in the elimination of 2,221,558 Short Tons of Carbon Dioxide from the skies above the Bay State. This is the equivalent of having have removed 423,961 vehicles from the roads.

Though commuters trapped in Boston’s infuriating, congested traffic-scape might have preferred for these emissions’ reductions to have been accomplished by actually taking 500,000 cars off of the streets, they can at least find solace in the knowledge that the air that they’re inhaling as they hyperventilate with rage at the drivers around them is pure.

Additionally, the Mass Save® program has increased jobs at over 7,000 companies throughout the state.

The Benefits of Mass Save®

Presently, Mass Save® provides residents with rebates for a variety of purchases that increase their energy-efficiency. Below is a partial list of just some of the expenses for which Massachusetts residents can leverage the assistance of Mass Save®:

  • Lighting and Appliances
  • LED Light Bulbs
  • Advanced Power Strips
  • Washers, Refrigerators, Dyers, and Freezers
  • Heating and Cooling Equipment
  • Wireless and Programmable Thermostat Systems

How Do I get Started?

Mass Save® offers no-cost home-energy audits for residents and homeowners. These audits render an outline of how to improve your home’s energy-efficiency and start saving money on your utility bills.

No-cost audit=Big Savings

Every month, money bleeds out of your home through the cracks in your window sills, the misfires in your boiler, and other avenues through which energy paid for is wasted. A home-energy audit can track down these escape routes and help you strategize on how to better contain the energy for which you pay.

Per state mandate, you are already paying to access to a program meant to reduce them. Take advantage of what you’ve paid for, and order a no-cost home energy assessment today! It costs nothing to receive, but the price of forfeiting your state-granted right can number in the thousands.

The Bottom Line

As a Massachusetts resident, you’ve paid into the Mass Save® Program by way of the monthly energy-efficiency charge on your electric or natural gas bill. Take advantage of this highly-rated initiative to reduce your energy-costs and put money wasted on excess utility fees back in your pocket. Start by ordering a home-energy audit today! It costs nothing, is easy, and can open up a world of savings!

Call (781) 514-5882 or contact us to get started with a no-cost Mass Save® home energy assessment.