9 Mass Save Incentives You Didn’t Know About

If you live in Massachusetts and you want to make your home more energy efficient, you should be taking advantage of the Mass Save® initiative. The Sponsors of Mass Save are transforming the way Massachusetts residents use energy by providing rebates, incentives, and financing to help you make energy efficiency upgrades that will save energy … Read more

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Why Is Fall the Best Time for a Home Energy Audit?

When you think back to last winter, what do you remember most? If the first thought that comes to mind is paying expensive heating bills or having to wear a coat inside just to stay warm, you should schedule a No-Cost Mass Save® Home Energy Assessment this fall.  Mass Save Home Energy Assessments identify the … Read more

Air sealing

Why It Matters To Air Seal Your Home

If it seems like there are 5,280 issues in the home, perhaps that’s because there are a mile of exterior joints that can leak air, which would increase heating and cooling energy bills. It allows moisture, cold drafts, and unwelcome noise to enter a house

Air sealing your home prevents leaks that cause an unwanted exchange of inside and outside air, heat, and moisture. This ensures that all the effort put into building a tight and well-insulated structure doesn’t go out the window (or through the walls, ceiling, or foundation).

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Are Heat Pumps Efficient in Massachusetts?

Heat pumps are energy-efficient and can help you save money on your heating and cooling bills every month while also reducing your carbon footprint. These all-electric systems provide heating and cooling in one unit for convenient, affordable home comfort—and they can be up to 400% efficient!  Many Massachusetts residents wonder whether heat pumps are worth … Read more

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What Is Mass Save® & How Can It Help You Save?

Mass Save is one of the best energy efficiency initiatives in Massachusetts. It can help you save thousands of dollars on energy-efficiency home improvements like mini split heat pump installation with rebates and financing, leading to lower energy bills and ongoing monthly savings.  If you’re not taking advantage of rebates and incentives provided to you … Read more

Home energy assessment

What to Anticipate from A Home Energy Assessment

The Mass Save program was launched in Massachusetts to help qualified homes manage their energy use and save their utility expenses. The state’s largest utility providers and companies are among the program sponsors, who work together with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources to run the program. Through this agreement, customers who meet the requirements … Read more

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Insulation Locations to Maximize Savings

It is impossible to overstate the value of effective home insulation in terms of expenses and comfort. The most effective strategy to maintain a constant, even temperature inside your home and keeping your energy costs under control is to install a proper type of insulation (and to install it properly). Additionally, having sufficient insulation aids … Read more

Induction stove

Get a $500 rebate on a new induction stove

Ready to cook up some savings on a new stove? You can get up to $500 off on a new induction stove thanks to the sponsors of Mass Save rebate programs. But there are many others reasons why you might want to upgrade this big kitchen appliance.

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What’s the Value of a Home Energy Assessment? 

If you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency and save money on your utility bills, a home energy assessment is the best way to start. A home energy assessment will show you where your house is losing energy so that you can make improvements to save energy and lower your bills.  If you live … Read more

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Are Mini-Split Heat Pumps Expensive? 

Ductless mini-split heat pumps have a lot of benefits for Massachusetts residents. With a ductless mini-split system, you can get energy efficient heating and cooling from just one unit, saving you money on your energy bills and making your home more comfortable.  But upgrading your HVAC system can be an expensive project, and for many … Read more

Room Air Conditioner Rebates

Room Air Conditioner Rebates

The Sponsors of Mass Save are back again with generous rebates for a range of appliances to keep your home cool and comfortable this summer.

It seems like New England citizens just got through the worst of winter. Storms, snow, wind-chapped skin. Constant adding and taking off layers, shoveling driveways, and exponentially high heat and oil bills. Where, oh where is spring?

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What is the Mass Save Program?

Next time you’re considering purchasing energy-efficient items or services in the state of Massachusetts, you need to be aware of the Mass Save Program. This program provides a plethora of benefits for homeowners who partake in any form of energy efficiency.