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How it works

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We install solar at no cost to you

How it saves

Lock in low prices with no worries


$0 down
Get instant savings on discounted solar power without spending anything out of pocket. 


25 year warranty
Breathe easy with full coverage of maintenance and safeguards against roof penetration.


Guaranteed performance
Bank on energy discounts that are guaranteed regardless of solar production.


System monitoring
Don't worry about operation status with your system monitored 24/7/365.


Comprehensive insurance
Enjoy peace of mind in the hands of full coverage insurance that protects everything. 

How it runs

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Reliable service on trusted brands

For top quality at the best price, Neeeco has carefully selected affordable partners who are trusted names in the industry. We provide equipment with proven track record of reliability and high performance. Rest easy knowing you are being powered by equipment that wont let you down. 

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Best savings and most reliable service

Highly recommend Neeeco. Dan came out and explained the whole process, equipment, types of benefits, and was also super knowledgeable. I had met with a few different solar companies and found that I was able to get the best savings and most reliable service and support thru Dan and the Neeeco team. The solar install process was very quick, efficient, thorough, and clean! This company seems to employ people that really care about helping residents benefit from Mass Save and solar initiatives. Overall this company is very professional, knowledgeable, willing to go out of their way to get you answers to questions you have, and I highly recommend them!

Jeremy Greenfield