No Cost Energy Assessment

Pay nothing to discover big savings

How much energy leaks out of your home? 

Our no cost energy assessment program will do a complete profile of your home’s energy consumption and energy losses. We’ll then tell you how to improve the performance so that you can save both energy and money.

As a provider of complete energy systems, NEEECO is best suited for evaluating the efficiency improvements of a home. From generating energy to insulating a home to regulating its temperatures, we have the expertise to do it all.

Your home might not have a tailpipe, but it is a greater source of pollution than your car! 

Cash in on discounts and incentives up to 100% off!

Thanks to MassSave, there are many ways to save beyond the no cost energy audit. From major home appliances to lightbulbs, discounts can be found for saving energy throughout the home. Here are just some of the many items you'll find discounts on by MassSave.

Heating & Cooling Rebates

• Heating equipment
• Cooling equipment
• Water heaters
• Thermostats

Weatherization Discounts

75% to 100% off insulation
• No-cost air sealing of leaks in drafty homes

Lighting & Appliances

Discounts on power strips
• Clothes washers and dryers
• Light fixtures
• Refrigerators
• Air conditioners
• LED lighting upgrades
• Thermostat upgrades

We are a Mass Save® Partner Contractor

We can perform all these cost cutting services through a Mass Save assessment. NEEECO will perform the approved energy efficiency measures which are subsidized by Mass Save. The advantage of doing the program with us is that we have energy solutions for all your home needs.

From free, renewable solar power to high efficiency heating & cooling systems to energy saving weatherization services, we can find a solution that best serves you. We are the only one-stop shop that offers this wide range of energy solutions all in-house.