Closed sidewall insulation

1 Performance criteria

In current closed cavities where you cannot do air sealing, do the dense-pack insulation avoid escape routes for heat, and ensure a benefit of reduced hidden airflow and protection for the whole house and connects to the airtight attic.

2 Pre-Work Inspection Criteria

Pre inspections must be following ASTM C 1015 and MA Insulation Authorization. Wall inspection for pre-existing hazards includes:

• Moisture entry and accumulation

• Weak or damaged interior finish materials

• Hazardous wiring

• Potential heat sources in or adjacent to wall cavities.

All cavities must be intact and the openings into the house are blocked.

3 Wall Insulation Procedure

a. Every wall cavity should be accessible. 

b. Pack insulation across corners in a uniform manner.

c. Confirm the number of bags and pounds of material used for a specified area of 4” wall cavities is consistent with:

i. 3.5 lbs/cu ft (1lb/sq ft) for cellulose, or

ii. 2.2lbs/cu ft (0.6lb/sq ft) for fiberglass wool tested for airflow resistance per ASTM C 522.

d. Repair all drilled holes.

i. Interior holes to be plugged applied with an initial coat of suitable patching material.

ii. If there are exposed exterior holes in wood siding, tighten them with a wooden plug and patch with exterior grade filler.

iii. Hidden holes (beneath siding) must be plugged and covered to complete the existing drainage plane and other weather barriers.

4 Wall Cavity Confirmation

The cavity pack must be effective and the machine adjustment is within limits by:

a. Testing airflow at 50 pa with smoke at a completed but uncovered installation hole, or

b. Testing airflow with chemical smoke at first application hole in the completed cavity while blowing adjacent cavity.

5 Inspection

a. Void areas more than 10 sq. ft. per 1000 sq. ft. of achievable wall area, as determined by Program quality assurance procedures, shall be filled by the Mass Save Contractor at no additional cost to the homeowner or the program. When instructed to do so by the Program inspector, the Mass Save Contractor will contact the customer to correct job deficiencies within 14 days of notification.

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