Mass Save HEAT Loans

You may not realize it, but your entire home could benefit from upgrading to high-efficiency equipment and improvements, from your attic all the way down to your basement.

With a Mass Save HEAT Loan, you can benefit from interest-free financing of up to $25,000 for qualifying upgrades on your home such as home heating and water heating equipment, central air conditioning and heat pumps, windows, insulation, and more!

Getting started is quick and easy. All you have to do is call Mass Save at 866-527-SAVE and they will schedule you with a no-cost Home Energy Assessment with a qualified, professional representative. They will give you a custom home energy report and provide you with any available incentives or rebates to help bring down the amount of financing you need.

How to Secure a HEAT Loan

The process is easy and hassle-free!

Step 1: Choose a Qualifying Contractor

Step 2: Complete and Turn In a Copy of the Intake Form

Step 3: Secure Your Loan

Step 4: Execute the Upgrade(s)

Step 5: Apply for Applicable Rebates

Step 6: Complete the Verification Inspection

Are You Eligible?

If you meet the following requirements, you will be eligible for the Mass Save HEAT Loan.

  • You must be a qualifying customer participating in the Mass Save program.
  • The applicant for the loan must be the homeowner.
  • Homeowners must have a current residential account with one of the participating electric companies.
  • Municipal customers are eligible if they use natural gas provided by a Mass Save sponsor.
  • Municipal customers using electric are eligible for all upgrades except central A/C, heat pumps, and heat pump water heaters.
  • Financing is available for improvements outlined in the HEAT Loan packet.
  • Loans are contingent upon approval from a qualifying lender.

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