Solar Power Handout

Turn free sunlight into free money

The affordable way to cut your energy bills

When you go solar, the question is not whether you save but how much. Choose between a no cost lease for instant returns, or own your own system to maximize long term savings. Whichever option you select will immediately cut the cost of your energy bill! And with a battery you’ll add security from power outages.

Instant Savings

Get a discounted electric bill
with a no-cost solar lease

Maximum Savings

Make a profitable investment return
by owning your own system

Home Battery

Add peace of mind with a battery backup
to power through storms outages

Instant savings on no investment Lease

Pay for the power, not the panels

Get simple, easy solar savings for as little as $0 down. Your panels will be purchased and installed by our trusted partner who is a pioneer of the industry. Then you'll enjoy a low, locked-in rate electricity with no-cost, worry-free maintenance care of your solar panels. 

How the Solar Lease works

It’s simple: Our financing partner will buy the expensive system at no cost to you. Then, you’ll buy the solar power it generates at a locked in low price. Basically, you get guaranteed discount on your electric bill. In addition, the solar system will be fully maintained, monitored, and serviced, complete with insurance to guard against anything that could go wrong. In the end, you get cheap electricity without any worries.

No Money Down

Benefit immediately by receiving instant savings on cheap solar power, without spending any money out of pocket.

20-Year Warranty

Breathe easy knowing your system is maintained by experts who will repair and replace anything that’s needed at no cost to you.

Guaranteed Performance

We guarantee your solar energy production for savings, letting you lock in discount savings to guard against the utility’s fluctuating electricity costs.

System Monitoring

Sleep soundly knowing your solar system is being watched daily to ensure it is operating at optimal performance.

Comprehensive Insurance

Enjoy peace of mind that everything is protected at no risk to you.

In 2016 solar reached the historic milestone of one million installations in the U.S. after 40 years of development. The next million is expected to be installed just two years from now.

Choose your savings plan

We offer two leasing plans to enjoy no cost solar savings with. Both will let you lock in discounted rates on solar power.

Monthly Lease

With no money down, Bright Save Monthly delivers instant savings. You can lock in a low monthly rate for 20 years that could save up to 20% on your electric bill. That quickly adds up to real money.

Full Amount Lease

With just one upfront payment, you can offset 90% or more of your monthly energy bill for 20 years of hassle free solar power. You’ll own the power without the headaches of maintaining the system which will be fully taken care of for you.

Maximum savings with Ownership

Get the biggest savings and max ROI

When you own the system, you own all the associated incentives and tax credits. Taken together they can reduce the total cost of the system by 30-50%! And best of all, in a few years all that free solar power will eventually pay off the cost of the system. After that, the gravy train of savings will keep piling up with no electric bills or finance payments to deal with. With financing options available, ownership will give you the biggest return on your investment. 

There's two ways to own your own system:

Pay once for full savings

Paying the full cost of the system upfront achieves the maximum savings over time from your solar system. You'll reap the full incentives and financial rewards from an investment that keeps on delivering returns.

Get sweet deal financing

If you can’t pay for the system up front, no problem. We can help you finance it with our partner who is an industry pioneer of solar financing. And you'll still benefit from all the incentives and rebates!

Finance deals that make solar accessible

Fast Approvals

Low Fixed Interest Rates

No Upfront Payment

No Penalties or Hidden Provisions

Unsecured Loans

Competitive Borrowing Costs

No sun? No problem with a Battery

Stay powered with solar energy stored away

Plugging into the sun for electricity is great--as long as the sun is shining. But when it’s not, you need power from somewhere else. So for the complete solution to powering your home on solar, a battery is needed to store the energy generated by the solar panels.

Best quality for highest reliability

The Brightbox battery is designed by industry innovator LG Chem, a world leader in lithium-ion technology using the highest quality products available. So the next time power is lost, you can rest assured that your home still continue to be powered thanks to a energy storage you can rely on.

Best-in-class Lithium-ion RESU Battery

10-Year Warranty

Winner of the EES Award at Intersolar Europe

Stores 9.3 kWh of usable energy and
charges/discharges 5kW at maximum power

Energy insurance against blackouts

The Brightbox is primarily meant to serve as a backup power supply. While it can be used in other scenarios--ie, after the sun sets--its capacity can only power your home for about 10+ hours. That should be long enough for most storm outages, and should be enough to power you through much of the night. However, you still will want to stay connected to the grid just in case it’s needed for extra power.

Blackouts Graphic

Our Partners

Be confident in running on trusted equipment

We value quality. We also value fair pricing. That's why we have carefully selected affordable partners who are trusted names in the industry. They provide equipment with proven track record of reliability and high performance. On top of this you will get warrantees that ensure promised operation. Rest easy knowing you are being powered by equipment that wont let you down. 

Sunrun Certified Partner
Trina Solar