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Good news! If you are a homeowner in Spencer, Massachusetts looking to increase the energy efficiency in your home, you’ll be able to do just that through an energy audit with Neeeco. When you meet with one of our certified auditors, they will assess the current state of energy efficiency in your home at no-cost and provide you with opportunities to make your home much more efficient. 

After we’ve thoroughly assessed your home, you will then be provided with a no-cost report of the energy deficiencies in your home as well as solutions to repair them. As a partner with Mass Save, we can offer you a spectrum of rebates and incentives as a member of the Mass Save program. It’s not too late to improve your energy efficiency, so contact us today to start saving money tomorrow!

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No-Cost Home Energy Assessment
Start benefiting from the Mass Save® program by scheduling a no-cost home energy assessment from Neeeco.

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No-Cost energy-Saving Products
Receive no-cost energy-saving devices to help you start saving energy and money right away.

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Custom Energy Savings Plan
Learn how to increase your home’s energy efficiency with help from the Neeeco team.

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Rebates and Incentives
Qualify for discounts on energy-saving home improvements, high-efficiency appliances, and more with Mass Save® rebates and incentives.

Potential savings for Spencer

We are a Mass Save Partner

Since 2016, Neeeco has partnered with Mass Save® to bring energy-saving rebates and incentives to our customers throughout Massachusetts. We’ve helped thousands and saved millions in energy costs!

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Mass Save® Rebates and Incentives for Spencer

There are many ways for Spencer residents to save with the Mass Save® program! In addition to your no-cost home energy assessment, you can also receive rebates and incentives from up to 75% to 100% off insulation upgrades to equipment rebates on major home appliances. Discounts can be found to help you save energy throughout your entire home. Here are some of the many home improvements eligible for rebates through the Mass Save® program:

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Upgrade inefficient HVAC equipment for your home.

Save up to
On Rebates (if eligible)

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Insulate your home to stop energy from leaking out.

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On Incentives (if eligible)

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Install energy-saving appliances that cost less to operate.

On Rebates (if eligible)