3 Ways To Cut Down On Your Energy Costs With Mass Save® and NEEECO

Do you live in Massachusetts and want to make your home energy efficient?

Do you want to save your money on energy bills by making valuable improvements in your home?

Mass Save® Home Energy Services Program is an assessment program by Mass Save® that audits the way you utilize energy in your home. Mass Save® is an initiative that is sponsored by your natural gas and electric utilities service providers, such as National Grid, EverSource, Columbia Gas, Liberty Utilities, Blackstone Gas Company in Massachusetts. The purpose is to provide residents and business owners with a broad range of energy efficiency services that enable them to manage their energy use and the incurred costs. Mass Save® provides energy efficient solutions for homeowners, renters, and business and helps them save money on their oil, gas, and electric bills.

NEEECO is an approved Mass Save® vendor that specializes in energy audits. Via our audit, we can give you recommendations and rebates on insulation, solar, HVAC and window upgrades.

Here are three easy ways to save a ton of money on energy bills through Mass Save® Program:

1. Mass Save® Rebates On Programmable Thermostat

MassSave Programmable Thermostat

You get a $100 Mass Save® rebate when you use a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat, an efficient thermostat designed to reduce energy consumption. It is set to drop when you are on the go or at work, and get back up to the right temperature 30 minutes before you get back home. It allows you to set it while you are home, for instance, you can set it down to a couple of degrees during the night, and warm right before you wake up in the morning. You get a $100 rebate when you buy yourself an energy efficient thermostat.

2. Get A Professional Energy Audit For Free

Through Mass Save® Home Energy Services Program, you can schedule a no-cost home energy audit. Mass Save® Energy Auditors will to your home and spend 2-4 hours examining energy usage in and around your house; they will check for drafts and look for ways you could save up on energy.

The NEEECO energy auditor will remove your old incandescent light bulbs and replace them with energy-efficient LED bulbs for free of charge. He or she will also install a modern water-saving showerhead, and also make other improvements around the house. At the end of the assessment, you will be provided with a detailed report of your energy consumption, recommendations on saving energy and a comprehensive breakdown of cost and savings you get with each option.

The report is essential to identify the type of improvements you need around the house to cut down on your energy bills. Making changes around the house can save you a ton of money on your monthly gas, oil, and electric bills. Besides, these improvements qualify you for a variety of rebates and discounts.

3. Get $50 For Your Old Fridge

The fridge rebate is another great deal for residents in Massachusetts. If your freezer or refrigerator has grown old but still in working condition, your NEEECO auditor will provide you with a $50 rebate for a new fridge or freezer.

Mass Save® believes in playing a positive role by encouraging smart energy choices and creating more energy efficient communities by enhancing the comfort and value of homes and businesses and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

NEEECO can provide you with the best advice and cost-effective solutions for your home in Massachusetts. Contact us today to discuss your needs with our team.

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Thanks to our partnership with Mass Save®, we’re able to provide free energy-efficiency incentives across Massachusetts and help people lower their energy bills.

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