5 Signs You Need to Get a Home Energy Assessment ASAP

house with icicles hanging off the side indicated poor insulation

A Home Energy Assessment is an important first step in any energy efficiency home improvement project. A professional assessment gives you a comprehensive overview of your home’s energy use so you can locate problem areas and make targeted upgrades that will improve your comfort and energy efficiency. 

Most houses can benefit from a Home Energy Assessment, and if you’ve noticed any of the following signs, you should schedule one as soon as possible! 

1. Unexplainable Rise in Energy Costs 

Energy costs can go up for several reasons. If you’re using more electricity than usual or if your rate went up, a higher bill can be expected. But if your bills are higher than usual and you don’t know why, it could be due to inefficiencies in your home, like poor insulation or air leakage. A Home Energy Assessment will find any areas in your home that are contributing to energy loss so you can make improvements and keep your energy costs in check. 

2. Cold Drafts 

Does it ever feel like the wind is blowing right through your house in the winter? If your home hasn’t been professionally air sealed, it is! Most houses are riddled with small gaps and cracks in the basement, attic, and around windows and doors that let air travel freely into and out of the house. In the winter, this can make your house feel cold and drafty. An energy assessment will locate air leaks so you can seal them up. 

3. Inconsistent Temperatures 

Temperature inconsistencies from one room to the next are a sure sign of insulation issues. If you have one room that’s always freezing cold or boiling hot, it’s probably not insulated properly. With a Home Energy Assessment, you can figure out where there are gaps in your home’s insulation so you can upgrade it and enjoy comfortable, consistent temperatures throughout your entire home. 

4. Ice Dams 

Ice dams form when heat from your home escapes through your attic and melts the snow on your roof. The melted snow then flows down toward the edges of your roof where it’s colder and re-freezes, creating a dam. The dam blocks future snowmelt from draining away from your home so it builds up and eventually seeps back in, causing water damage. A Home Energy Assessment will uncover problems with your attic insulation so you can fix them and prevent ice dams from forming. 

5. Wet or Moldy Insulation 

There’s nothing worse than discovering mold in your house, and if it’s on your insulation, there’s likely a larger problem that needs to be addressed. When your house is insulated but not air sealed, air and moisture can still get inside. If they travel through your insulation, it can get wet, which renders it useless, and grow mold, which is bad for your health. A Home Energy Assessment will show you where you need to make improvements to prevent air and moisture intrusion. 

No-Cost Mass Save® Home Energy Assessments 

If you live in Massachusetts, you could be eligible for a no-cost Mass Save Home Energy Assessment! Mass Save is a collaborative of Massachusetts’ electric and natural gas utilities and energy efficiency service providers that empowers residents to make energy efficiency improvements to their homes by offering a wide range of incentives, including no-cost energy assessments. 

More Ways to Save on Energy Efficiency Upgrades 

Mass Save offers several incentives for home energy efficiency upgrades. As part of your Home Energy Assessment, Neeeco will identify the incentives you qualify for and help you claim them so you can make low or no-cost improvements to your home. 

Some restrictions apply and offers are subject to change or cancellation. Visit MassSave.com for full details.

Neeeco is an energy efficiency expert and a Mass Save partner! We can help you take advantage of Mass Save incentives, starting with a no-cost Home Energy Assessment. Schedule yours today!

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