Solar energy brings energy savings for no money down

The future of energy is affordable today: solar power

When it comes to wrangling energy costs, few methods are as effective as powering your house using sustainable, renewable sources. Solar energy, in particular, is highly regarded for its low cost per kilowatt hour and mainstream accessibility.

Unlike other forms of green energy, solar is readily acquired, and the technology has evolved enough that local companies can easily integrate it into any household.

Solar is the fastest growing energy source in the world.

In 2016 solar reached the historic milestone of one million installations in the U.S. after 40 years of development. The next million is expected to be installed just two years from now.

Chances are you’ve thought about hopping aboard the solar train – and if your desired destination is lowered heating and cooling costs attained in an environmentally-friendly manner, you’re on the right track!

However, it’s possible misconceptions about the costs of purchasing and installing solar panels may have caused the sun to set on your ambitions of transitioning to solar.

Many people mistakenly group solar energy with other cost-efficient technologies that allow their owners to reap impressive savings, but only after a sizeable initial investment. This need not be the case with solar.

Solar energy may generate similar savings to an electric car, but its start-up expenses have gone the way of the horse-and-buggy (if you’ll forgive the expression).

Thanks to Neeeco Solar’s flexible leasing options, anyone can afford to make the switch to solar – on any budget! Let’s take a look at some of the alternatives available for those who are ready to flip the switch on traditional energy.

To Lease or To Own?

Whether to lease or own your solar system is a decision hinged upon a multitude of factors. These include the difference in costs, your capacity to provide maintenance, and how long you’re willing to wait for the savings to materialize. Fortunately, Neeeco Solar offers a pathway to a world of savings, regardless of whether you have a stellar budget.


They say, “Good things come to those who wait.” While this may generally hold true, waiting to go green simply breeds higher energy costs. Fortunately, there is an avenue towards instant savings with no money down! Neeeco Solar’s leasing programs allow you to start saving immediately, and make impatience a virtue. Our provider, Sunrun, absorbs all upfront expenses, enabling you to equip your home with a solar array – completely risk-free and at no cost!

  Lease Advantages

Less Upfront Costs

Once your home is outfitted with a solar array, you’ll instantly see the benefits of your lease expressed in the plummeting costs of your electrical bill. In contrast to their conventional counterparts, residents who lease their solar panels boast reductions of 20% per billing period, with some plans offering up to 90%.

Locked in rates

While volatile energy markets can lead to unpredictable energy rates (or “unpredicta-bills,” as we call them), our customers can breathe easy, secure in the knowledge that their rates are locked-in and protected from the perils of the market. Rather than continue to endure the government’s anticipated yearly 3% hike in the cost of electricity, put your foot down in a way that leaves no carbon footprint!

Worry free maintenance

Leasing is not just a great way to circumvent upfront costs – it also provides a way around headaches caused by routine maintenance responsibilities and other ownership-related concerns. All of Neeeco’s clients receive lifetime maintenance of their solar array during the life of the lease, affording them the peace of mind that comes with knowing their system will always remain in peak condition.

But it’s not just repairs that are one worry less for lessees. Many of the incentives geared towards ramping up investment in renewable energy sources are given out via rebate, submitting owners to the tedious process of soliciting their refunds from the issuing parties. Rather than spend your time filling out forms and paperwork, let Neeeco take care of the administrative hassles, and save time as well as money! Simply stated, few choices allow you to start saving as much, as immediately, for as little. Even if you’re holding out for ownership in the long run, start leasing today – and use the money saved to help make your dreams of owning a solar array a reality! Contact us today for a quick quote. With no money down and guaranteed savings, there has never been a better way to join this global movement towards a better way of powering the planet!

Enjoy the biggest savings when you own the system

Present research suggests that the average American family spends a whopping $2,060 every year on electrical bills. You could say “Bye-bye” to these unnecessary costs by buying a solar installation and say ‘hello’ to a lifetime of savings.Think you can’t afford to equip your home with a solar installation? When mediated by the host of government incentives offering thousands in rebates and tax credits, your eventual costs will be much lower than you expect.

  Ownership Advantages

Get Maximum Government Incentives

By purchasing your units, you’ll be eligible for such government incentives as the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), offering a 30% tax credit for the total cost of the system. And in Massachusetts exclusively, you’ll be able take advantage of state incentives like the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART). Taken together, they stand to knock off a third of the cost of a system. However, the spread of solar has been significant enough in the past several years that federal and local authorities are scaling back these programs that were devised to help it gain a foothold in the market. The best way to ensure you don’t miss out on these massive savings is to act now.

Get Maximum Savings

Owning your system means owning all the savings. By cashing in on the full value of government incentives and owning the full energy production of the solar panels, you’ll pay off the system in just a few years. Once that happens, you’ll live off pure profit from the sun. In fact, the latest reports by industry analysts indicate that homes running off of solar save anywhere between $20-$30k across the span of two decades.

Get Maximum Return On Investment

Combining the above two facts means that the money you spend on your solar system will over time not just cover its costs but generate a profit. Once the system is paid off in a few years, you’ll be receiving free electricity for the reminder of the system’s 25+ year lifespan. That can add up to annual returns generating anywhere from 10-30%!

Purchasing a solar energy system is one of the most significant steps you can take to reduce energy expenditures in the long run. Though, historically, solar has been expensive to acquire, quantum leaps in the technology’s evolution have lowered its costs significantly.

Ready to start saving with solar?

No matter what your price range, Neeeco has a plan of action ready to help you enjoy the benefits of the Green Revolution.

Whether you want to lease and start saving immediately, or buy for massive, long-term returns, Neeeco can help you along every step of the transition.

Talk with the professionals about your options, the cost, and how long the installation will take. Always look into the experience and reputation of the company and check their testimonials to make sure they are the best option for your needs.