Do Mini Splits Heat and Cool?

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Mini split heat pumps provide both heating and cooling in one to keep your home comfortable all year round. This makes them a great option for Massachusetts homes that need plenty of warmth in the winter and reliable cooling during the summer. 

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How Do Mini Split Heat Pumps Work?

A mini split heat pump is a type of heating and cooling system that works by transferring heat from one place to another. They do not need to be connected to ductwork, unlike most types of HVAC equipment, and are often referred to as ductless heat pumps or ductless mini split heat pumps. 

In a ductless mini split system, there is an outdoor compressor and one or more indoor air handlers, sometimes called “heads.” The indoor units can be installed anywhere in your home and are connected to the outdoor unit by a narrow conduit that contains a refrigerant line, electrical wiring, and a condensate drain.  

Cooling with a Heat Pump 

When you use a mini split heat pump for cooling, it works just like an air conditioner. The system captures the heat and humidity that’s inside your home and moves it outside. Mini split heat pumps can cool a house just as efficiently and effectively as a central air conditioning system. 

Heating with a Heat Pump 

Unlike a traditional air conditioning system, heat pumps can reverse the process to provide heating during the winter months. In heating mode, a heat pump will absorb heat from the air outside your home and bring it in. There are always trace amounts of heat in the air, even when it’s freezing outside, and cold-weather heat pumps can work efficiently through the harsh New England winter.

Heat pumps are often more efficient than combustion heating systems like furnaces because moving heat requires less energy than creating it.

Why You Should Use a Mini Split Heat Pump for Heating & Cooling

Mini splits work in both hot and cold weather, providing many benefits for Massachusetts residents, like: 

  • Year-round comfort 
  • No ductwork needed 
  • Efficient, all-electric operation 
  • Saves energy and reduces your carbon footprint  
  • Perfect for home additions, home offices, garages, sunrooms, and more

Save on Mini Split Installation with 2023 Mass Save Heat Pump Rebates

You can save big on mini split heat pump installation with Mass Save rebates in 2023. The Sponsors of the Mass Save program are offering generous rebates for heat pumps worth up to $16,000 to Massachusetts residents. Eligible heat pump systems may also qualify for 0% HEAT Loan financing through the Mass Save program. 

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