How Does Attic Insulation Help in the Summer?

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Many homeowners understand how insulation helps keep your Massachusetts home warm on a cold winter day, but fewer people realize that insulation can be just as beneficial in the summer.

Upgrading your attic insulation is one of the best ways to lower energy bills and improve indoor comfort year-round. Learn how insulation works in the summer months, how proper insulation can help address common issues in your home, and how Neeeco can help you save 75-100% on the cost of insulation installation with Mass Save® rebates.

How Insulation Keeps Your House Cool on a Hot Day

In the summer, the temperature of your indoor air is cooler than the outdoors. Heat moves from warmer areas to cooler areas, so on a hot day, when the difference in temperature between the inside and outside of your home is significant, heat will be looking for ways in. Insulation acts as a protective barrier, reducing the amount of heat that’s able to get inside your home and keeping your conditioned air from leaking out.

The more well insulated and air-sealed your home is, the longer it will take for a hot summer day to affect your indoor comfort. The sun beats down on your roof and the top of your house all day, making your attic one of the most important places to properly insulate.

Common Summer Problems That Insulation Helps Solve

You may be surprised to learn just how many common issues insulation can fix, including:

Expensive summer electricity bills

A poorly insulated home lets lots of outdoor heat inside. If you have central air conditioning or window AC units, they’ll also need to run longer to meet your comfort settings. Insulation and air sealing leads to increased energy efficiency and energy savings for years to come.

Hot second floors

Uneven indoor temperatures are a telltale sign of poor insulation and air leaks. If you’ve been wondering why your upstairs is so hot in the summer, it’s likely due to attic insulation that needs to be replaced or upgraded.

Save 75-100% on Attic and Other Insulation Costs with Rebates and Incentives Offered by the Sponsors of Mass Save®

Attic insulation keeps your home cool in the summer and saves you money, but the best part is that with Mass Save insulation rebates, upgrading your home is within your budget today. As a Mass Save partner, Neeeco can help you access 75% to 100% off insulation upgrades, making a comfortable and energy-efficient home affordable for your family.

It all starts with a Mass Save Home Energy Assessment from the Neeeco team. This no-cost assessment helps identify the energy-saving upgrades that will help lower heating and cooling bills—all while improving indoor health and comfort in your home. 

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