How Does Mass Save Actually Work?

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Many Massachusetts homeowners don’t like utility upgrades and home energy assessments because they expect these to be quite expensive. The last thing that could cross their minds is the word “free” but the Mass Save® program changes all that.

Well, believe it or not, the Mass Save® Program is like a dream come true for Massachusetts residents who qualify for the program. It offers several no-cost options to residents to help them lower their utility costs and improve energy usage. Let’s see what this program is and how it works.

The Mass Save program

The Mass Save® program is an initiative in Massachusetts that was designed to provide qualified residents with guidance in lowering their utility costs and improving their energy usage. 

The program is the result of a partnership between various program sponsors and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources and gathers top utility companies and energy providers in the state. 

Qualified residents can rely on this program to receive both a no-cost home energy assessment and assistance in saving energy, managing energy usage, and reducing their energy bills. The program also offers other resources, rebates, and incentives.

The no-cost home energy assessment

The primary purpose of this program is to offer homeowners a way to understand the crucial aspects of their energy usage and find out how to use their energy more efficiently, lower their bills, and reduce energy consumption.

The program ensures that they receive a no-cost home assessment to ascertain how they use their energy and identify the things homeowners can do to improve their energy usage. Aside from helping homeowners achieve immediate cost savings, the program helps protect the environment by significantly reducing energy consumption in the future. 

Scheduling a no-cost home energy assessment involves hiring a qualified specialist who will:

  • Determine how much energy is leaking out of your home;
  • Check your heating & cooling system for safety and efficiency;
  • Provide information on your home energy usage;
  • Provide solutions and energy-saving devices to improve your energy usage ranging from smart thermostats to major home appliances;
  • Check your home insulation to prevent any energy leaks.

From energy-saving weatherization services to high-efficiency heating and cooling systems and renewable solar power, the Mass Save® program can be a perfect energy solution for your home.

Get a no-cost home energy assessment done today

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