How to Choose the Best Energy Efficient Windows for Your Home

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Does it ever feel like your heat and AC fly right out the window? If your windows are old and inefficient, they do! According to the EPA, heat loss and gain through windows is responsible for 25-30% of residential heating and air conditioning use. 

Installing energy efficient replacement windows will reduce the amount of energy your home loses and can save you money on your heating and cooling costs.

Neeeco is one of the top energy efficiency experts in Massachusetts and a certified Mass Save® partner. We can help you choose the best energy efficient windows for your home that may qualify for Mass Save window rebates! 

What to Look for When Choosing New House Windows

There are three important features to look for when choosing energy efficient house windows. 

1. Triple-Pane Glass 

Older windows typically have just one layer of glass, which makes them highly susceptible to energy loss. Modern energy efficient house windows have three layers of glass with inert gas fills between each layer. This multi-layered construction allows for better insulation so your house doesn’t lose heat as easily in the winter and the interior glass stays warm. 

2. Frame Insulation 

Window frames conduct heat in and out of your home. Some frame materials, like metal, conduct heat more easily than others, like vinyl or wood. But all window frame materials conduct heat to some degree. Insulated frames, however, slow down this heat flow. With insulated frames, your windows will be more energy efficient and better protect your home against heat loss and gain. 

3. Low-E Glass Coatings 

Low-emissivity coatings are applied to energy efficient windows to prevent reflective heat gain. They act like sunscreen for your home by reflecting heat away from your windows. In addition to improving energy efficiency, low-E coatings also protect your furniture and carpets from UV rays that can cause fading. They are also fully transparent, so they don’t block your view or visibly reduce natural light.

The Best Energy Efficient Windows are ENERGY STAR-Rated

An easy way to identify high-efficiency replacement windows is to look for the ENERGY STAR label. Windows that carry ENERGY STAR certifications have met strict standards for energy efficiency. The benefits of ENERGY STAR window installation include: 

  • Less energy loss – Energy efficient windows help keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer, making it easier for your HVAC system to heat and cool your home. 
  • Energy bill savings – The typical home will save $101 to $538 per year with ENERGY STAR triple-pane windows. 
  • Lower carbon footprint – You can reduce your carbon footprint by as much as 12% when replacing single-pane windows with triple-pane ENERGY STAR certified windows. 
  • Fewer indoor drafts – Energy efficient windows help eliminate cold indoor drafts. 
  • Better comfort – With ENERGY STAR windows, your home will be more comfortable all year-round. 

Neeeco proudly installs Harvey ENERGY STAR-rated windows. These windows meet ENERGY STAR standards for energy efficiency and they are also customizable to meet your aesthetic preferences. We install bay windows, bow windows, double-hung windows, casement windows, and many other styles. Our team can help you find the perfect fit! 

Mass Save ENERGY STAR Window Rebates

ENERGY STAR triple-pane windows are eligible for Mass Save replacement window rebates! Mass Save offers a $75 rebate per window when replacing single-pane windows with triple-pane ENERGY STAR-certified windows.* 

Energy efficient window installation may be eligible for Mass Save zero-interest HEAT Loan financing. To be eligible for incentives, your windows must be inspected and determined eligible during a no-cost Mass Save Home Energy Assessment. Neeeco is a Mass Save partner—schedule your assessment with our team today!  

*Some restrictions apply. Offers are subject to change or cancellation. Visit for full details.

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