Insulation and the Importance of Weatherization Assistance Programs


Energy Efficient Homes

The energy efficiency of a home is a crucial topic for any household. However, few people take into account the importance of proper insulation and weatherization improvements, which can provide both financial and health benefits for homeowners and tenants.

For example, the average U.S. household spends about $2,000 on home utility bills every year. This number varies depending on the state, area, and size of the house. What doesn’t vary, is that heating and cooling the home account for about 54% of the overall utility costs.

Energy Loss Figures Around the House

Different areas of the house are susceptible to different levels of energy loss depending on their purpose and frequency of usage.

Roof/Attic – 25% energy loss

One of the most frequent problems of a home is that neither roofs nor attics are given enough attention. Because they are not used as often as other areas of the house, they are often finished with poor insulation, which allows precious heat to escape from the top.

Windows and Doors – 25% energy loss

Poorly installed windows and doors easily allow for air to escape through the small crevices, resulting in higher energy levels needed in order for the home to keep its ideal temperature. Even though they may not pose a safety risk, they have a strong effect on the household budget.

Insufficient HVAC – 20% energy loss

Each house requires a different size and strength of heating and cooling appliances in order to keep the home feeling comfortable. Depending on the square footage of your house, your heater, for example, could be producing much more energy than necessary and thus causing waste.

Walls – 30% energy loss

One of the biggest culprits of energy loss are poorly insulated walls, which are affected non-stop by seasonal changes and the age and maintenance levels of a home.

house energy loss

Save Money with Weatherization Improvements

Luckily, technological advancements and great teamwork have allowed the development of weatherization assistance programs such as Mass Save®.

Whether you are inquiring for a single-family household, a business, or a multi-family property, Mass Save® has special features and offers that work for anyone who wishes to reduce energy waste and save money, including:

In fact, the details on how much money you can save annually are staggering:

For an average household total of $752 saved on utility bills every year.

To help you get started, homeowners can now get 75% or more of their insulation costs covered thanks to our partnership with Mass Save®.

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