Logical Reasons why you should Go Solar

How a solar system works

Go Solar!

“Go Solar” has become a buzz phrase that is rapidly gaining ground among homeowners and businesses across the US. While switching over to solar power is not a cheap and easy decision, it can dramatically enhance your environmental footprint, be a great financial asset and earn you money by saving on energy bills. To help you make a well-grounded decision, here are some logical reasons as to why it is wise to go solar.

1. Significantly Reduce your Energy Bills

Whether you own a business, home, or any other type of building, energy bills can make up a huge part of your expenses on a monthly basis. But if you install a solar panel system, you will be able to generate electricity to power your premises for free for around 20-25 years. Even if your solar panel system is not enough to cover for the 100 percent energy you consume, you will still reduce your monthly electricity bills and save a lot of money.

Solar System with battery

2. Enhances the Value of your Property

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that most home improvements don’t add value equal to the amount of money you put in getting the job done. Installing a solar panel system, on the other hand, will provide you with benefits other than just saving on your monthly bills. When you install solar panels, you can expect the value of your property to increase more or less proportionally, helping you get a higher bid when you decide to sell your home. According to a study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, it has been found that homebuyers are willing to pay up to $15,000 extra for a home with a solar panel system of average size.

3. High Return on Investment

A solar panel system shouldn’t be considered as an expense – it is one the best investments today with ROI matching most traditional investment, such as bonds and stocks. Due to the savings on the home’s utility bills, an average-sized solar panel system can recover the investment in 6 to 8 years, and enjoy more than 20 percent of return on investment annually. The solar system will keep adding value for the following 30 years.

4. Unlimited Energy

A popular misconception about solar power is that their energy generation potential is very limited. This is because people think solar panels operate only in bright sunlight, and if it’s cloudy during the day, they won’t be able to generate any electricity. It is true that solar panels capture most of their energy during the daytime; they do also generate energy on cloudy days and in the winter. Solar panels systems can also be fitted a battery storage that stores power during the daytime to provide electricity during the night. Moreover, they are connected to the national electrical grid, which detects the shortage of power at night and compensates by sending the required amount of electricity back to your property. This is done by a net meter which measures energy usage in both directions.

5. Cleaner and Greener Environment

Going solar helps you make your contribution to the environment. This is because it uses a natural source of energy and does not produce any greenhouse gasses or any other harmful emission that adversely affect Mother Nature, making the environment cleaner and greener.

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