Mass Save Clothes Washers Rebate

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New year, new you! When it comes to the new year, it can be good to have a list of things that you’ve been meaning to get done for a while – that’s why they’re called New Year’s resolutions!

But what if you could also get money back when you complete your resolutions? If extra money is something you’re interested in, read on to see how you can get some money back when you purchase a new clothes washer.

New Clothes Washers Increase Efficiency!

Maybe you’ve had the same old washer for a decade or perhaps the warranty on your device just ended right before the washer broke. Whatever your need, you are in the market for a new clothes washer, right?

Well, assuming that you’re eligible, you’ll be able to get a Mass Save rebate of up to $150 with a new and extremely efficient clothes washer and you’ll also be able to save money with every load.

If you’ve been around for the last few years, you’re likely aware that there’s been a global movement to lower one’s carbon footprint on the planet. Whether that’s recycling more, changing which retailers you buy from, or eating less meat, going green is the name of the future.

You can now get on that bandwagon when you purchase a new, efficient clothes washer!

When it comes to efficient clothes washers, they use about 25% less energy than standard washers, and they even use 33% less water than default washers. This doesn’t mean that their work isn’t as good, however!

These machines will automatically adjust the wash cycles depending on how large of a load you’re putting in the machine, which has the added benefit of not wearing out your clothes as quickly.

If you only want to wash a single outfit, you can wash it without guilt, because the machine will automatically regulate the water amount and temperature based on the small number of clothes in the washer drum.

If you’re looking to save money, save the environment, and save your clothes, it’s time to upgrade to a new and efficient washer. If you kick out your old washer and replace it with a new ENERGY STAR®-certified model, you might be eligible to receive a rebate of up to $150 from Mass Save®.

How to Get the Rebate

Follow these few easy steps and see if you’re eligible to put an extra $150 in your pocket!

  1. Schedule a no-cost home energy assessment to confirm how inefficient your model is. If your current model features a top-loading design with agitators, you’re much more likely to qualify. 
  2. After your no-cost home energy assessment, you can purchase a more efficient clothes washer that will meet the requirements of the Mass Save® rebate eligibility.
  3. Wait for your money to come in!

Start by scheduling your no-cost Home Energy Assessment today!