Prepare for Winter Energy Price Spikes with Mass Save® Insulation

house wrapped in scarf on heater unit

Utility and heating costs are expected to rise across the country this winter, with The National Energy Assistance Directors Association predicting that gas prices could increase by as much as 30 percent

But you don’t have to bundle up and set your thermostat as low as you can stand to save money on heating bills this winter. Instead, talk to Neeeco about an insulation upgrade through the Mass Save® program. Properly insulating your home is a long-term solution with a high return on investment that will:

  • Keep your home comfortable
  • Lead to significant energy savings
  • Eliminate cold floors and drafts 
  • Improve your indoor air quality 

Insulation Saves You Money by Keeping Heat Contained

Heat naturally moves from warmer spaces to colder ones. Without insulation, the heat that your furnace or boiler generates will quickly conduct through your ceilings, floors, and walls as it seeks out the colder temperatures in your basement, attic, and the outside. To make up for the loss, your heating system has to run more frequently, and your heating bills go up. 

Insulation creates a protective barrier between your home’s conditioned spaces (the rooms you heat and cool) and its unconditioned spaces (like your basement and/or attic). This barrier slows heat transfer and keeps the heat from your furnace or boiler inside your living spaces. Because the heat is better contained, your heating system won’t have to run as often, and you’ll save money on your energy bills.

Maximize Your Savings with a Mass Save® No-Cost Home Energy Assessment

A Mass Save® home energy assessment is the first step in any successful insulation project. During this energy audit, a professional energy auditor will evaluate your home’s insulation levels, locate air leaks, and determine where and how your home is losing the most energy. 

When your evaluation is complete, you’ll know exactly where your home needs new insulation so you can make the upgrades that will have the biggest impact on your comfort and lead to maximum energy savings. 

As a certified Mass Save® partner, Neeeco offers no-cost Mass Save® energy assessments. Our team can conduct a thorough Mass Save® home energy assessment at absolutely no cost to you and complete the insulation installation to make sure your home is safe, warm, and affordable to heat this winter.

Get up to 75 - 100% Off an Insulation Upgrade with Mass Save® Incentives

As a Mass Save® partner, Neeeco can help you save 75-100% on insulation costs with Mass Save® incentives, plus no-cost air sealing to stop cold drafts! Mass Save® incentives help Massachusetts residents save money on the energy efficiency upgrades their homes need, like new insulation and air sealing. 

To find out if you qualify for savings, all you need to do is schedule a Mass Save® no-cost home energy assessment with Neeeco. We’ll conduct your home energy audit and you’ll receive a report detailing the Mass Save® incentives that you qualify for. Then, we’ll help you schedule your installation. It’s that simple, and you could save up to 100% on new insulation!

Save money on heating costs this winter with Mass Save® and Neeeco! Call Neeeco at (781) 309-7540 or schedule a Mass Save® no-cost home energy assessment today.