Room Air Conditioner Rebates

Room Air Conditioner Rebates

The Sponsors of Mass Save are back again with generous rebates for a range of appliances to keep your home cool and comfortable this summer. 

It seems like New England citizens just got through the worst of winter. Storms, snow, wind-chapped skin. Constant adding and taking off layers, shoveling driveways, and exponentially high heat and oil bills. Where, oh where is spring?

It’s here, and it’s beautiful. But spring in Massachusetts doesn’t last quite as long as we’d all like it to; summer is just around the corner. With the summer months come temperatures that seem to rise each day, as well as humidity levels that can seem suffocating. Relief is possible, though! 

Since the weather in Massachusetts isn’t hot all year round, most homes aren’t equipped with central air conditioning. What is one to do? Purchase a room air conditioner, of course! (Or maybe more than one!) 

However, adding improvements to your home and paying the resulting energy bills can be expensive. Luckily, this year you can still benefit from a $40 rebate on all room air conditioners that qualify as Energy Star-efficient. 

Energy Star-certified room air conditioners use up to 10% less energy than old, outdated models. This could save you over $60 per appliance during the years you use it!

Deciding Which Model Is Best for Your Home

There are so many Energy Star-certified room air conditioners that qualify for this program, and that will make your home more comfortable.

How to Apply for Your $40 Room Air Conditioner Rebate

To apply for this rebate, you simply need to follow these three steps. 

  1. Check your eligibility status using the link below. 
  2. Buy your qualifying appliance (make sure it’s Energy Star-certified). 
  3. Submit the paperwork and receipt for your air conditioner either online or by mail. 

Want to make it even easier on yourself? You can instantly save on a room air conditioner (or two!) when you purchase at a qualifying retailer. 

Simply check your eligibility online (using the below link) and bring your code up to the register with your appliance(s). The clerk will scan your code, and the applicable rebate will automatically be deducted from your total! No paperwork, receipts, or postmarking needed. It doesn’t get any easier than that! 

Determining If You Are Eligible

If you meet the following qualifications, you are eligible for this $40 room air conditioner rebate. 

  • You qualify if you are a residential electric customer of Cape Light Compact JPE, Eversource, National Grid, or Unitil. 
  • You can only use this rebate for two room air conditioners per residential account per calendar year. 
  • You must make your purchase(s) between January 1, 2022, and December 31, 2022. 
  • You must submit all paperwork and receipts online or through the mail by January 31, 2023.

Finding Out the Status of Your Rebate

If you’ve already submitted your paperwork and receipts and want to check the status of your application, you can use the link below to check your rebate status.