Saving With Solar Is A Bipartisan Vote

United We Vote

It doesn’t matter whether you lean right, left, or middle. It doesn’t matter whether your colors are red, blue, or polka dot. What we can all agree upon is that voting is a sacred right that every citizen should take advantage of!

The cornerstone of democracy is elections. Our country was built on this principle. Our evolutions were fought for this principle. Our government functions on this principle.

So fulfill your civic duty and vote! The operation of the country is depending on you.

United We Save

Regardless of politics, one bipartisan wish that we all share is the desire to have more money in our bank accounts.

Well, Neeeco has a solution to unite both sides of the aisle: solar! There are no false campaign promises, no flip-flopping positions, no sneaky rhetoric, no back room dealings here.

The stump speech is simple: Power your home on electricity made from free sunlight. You don’t even need to pay a single penny with our no-cost lease that gives you guaranteed, locked-in discount off your electric bill. Or you can increase your savings even more by purchasing a system with 0% financing. Either choice leaves more money in your pocket when it’s time to pay the electric bill.

So after you cast your vote for our country’s leaders, cast your vote for your home’s savings!

Call (781) 514-5882 or contact us to get started with a no-cost Mass Save® home energy assessment.