Solar batteries keep lights on when power goes out

Are you ready for a power loss?

When there’s no outlet to plug our devices into we can run them off a battery. But what do we do when that device is our entire house? Can it be plugged into a battery?

A look around the industrialized world reveals that the winding rivers around which civilizations first arose have now been replaced by electric currents, and busy docks have given way to charging ports. Ever since Edison’s spark of genius, any moment without AC power has felt like a return to the BC era.

Can you handle an extended blackout? What would happen if someone were to flip the switch on our electric grid? Does your household have a way of keeping the lights on even in the event of a full-scale blackout?

The reality is that most families don’t have a reliable method of powering their homes in the event of an electricity-eliminating emergency. As millions of homes and businesses demonstrated in the wake of Hurricane Maria, remaining at the mercy of an overburdened and underprepared utility company’s ability to restore power following a weather catastrophe can have consequences that are inconvenient at best – and deadly, at worst.

After the storm vanished back into the tropical tides of the Caribbean, hundreds of thousands of households remained steeped in musty darkness for close to a year. For others dependent upon electricity to power life support systems, the price of going off the grid was much higher.

Problems with gas generators

  • The ongoing need for gasoline makes for an expensive solution.
  • Loud engines and odorous exhaust is taxing on the ears and nose
  • The risk of fatal carbon monoxide poisoning creates a concern that doesn’t go away.

Keep lights on when the power goes out

John Lennon famously mused that “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

This idea is especially true when it comes to infrequent, disastrous situations. We spend our lives so consumed by pressing, day-to-day concerns in need of our immediate attention, that we often fail to have a plan of action prepared for disasters that come around every few years or decades.

Few areas of our lives are as vulnerable to inadvertent neglect as the preservation of our access to electricity. Most consumers trust that their local electric company will help them keep the lights on in the event of a calamity, but statistics demonstrate this simply is not true!

In May of 2018 alone, inclement weather leftover 500,000 people in Massachusetts disconnected and in the dark for over 72 hours. And with disproportionately-small infrastructure expansion efforts undertaken to address the 25% increase in consumer demand over the past two decades, it’s certain that disconnection lengths will only grow longer as the years wear on.

Moreover, even when utility companies manage to keep the power flowing, the cost of their services can fluctuate in unpleasant ways. While variety may be the spice of life, when it comes to your electric bill, unexpected changes can leave a bad taste in your mouth. Worst of all, while the exact peaks to which prices may shift remains uncertain, one thing is for sure – they’re not going to come down. With average energy rates of 43% more than the national average, reliance on utility companies in New England is a costly gamble – even in the absence of a blackout.

Batteries to the rescue

Neeeco customers have the opportunity to include a Bright Box battery storage unit as part of either their lease or purchase – guaranteeing continual energy and security even in the event of a nighttime blackout.

More importantly, these batteries provide all of the same benefits as a generator with none of the drawbacks! Storms and power outages are stressful enough as they were, but our batteries can help keep you at ease with over ten hours of silent, odorless, gasoline-free power!

Best of all, your Brightbox can provide the final boost of energy necessary for you to break out of your electric company’s orbit, and into a world of complete energy independence!

Brightbox Battery

Solar to the rescue

There is good news for Massachusetts residents, however! The Solar Revolution is sweeping through the state, freeing homeowners and businesses from the stifling costs and inconsistent delivery of conventional electric companies. Instead of entrusting your energy needs to a faceless, centralized, conglomerate, let Neeeco Solar guide your migration to a better way of powering your house – and empowering yourself! Despite misconceptions about the costs of buying a solar, installation costs have reached record lows.

In addition, though solar systems start at roughly $15,000, buyers can take advantage of numerous government incentives and tax credits extended to investors in renewable energy, reducing the final price by more than 30 percent! For those not ready to buy, but ready to save, Neeeco Solar’s unique leasing options offer immediate reductions in energy costs with zero money down and no upfront costs! Additionally, with our fixed, locked-in rates, your bill will remain immune to changes in turbulent energy markets. Whether you choose to rent or buy, however, one fact holds true: Sourcing your energy from a solar installation will give your household ongoing access to affordable electricity, even in the face of local power outages.

Let solar savings energize your battery

Growing demand placed upon a withering infrastructure spells out a future filled with rising prices, unstable service, and an unseemly environmental legacy for conventional electricity. Fortunately, with one phone call to Neeeco Solar, you can take the first step towards lifelong, sustainable energy, and a 20% or greater reduction on your electric bill. Moreover, owners and leaseholders alike can take advantage of deals that include a Brightbox battery, and the enhanced power potential that it brings. With a Brightbox battery, you’ll have access to a reservoir of clean, renewable solar power – rain or shine!

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