Solar goes mainstream for everyone for every budget

Solar is now a proven power source

Not long ago, solar was an unaffordable technology far off on the horizon like the sun itself. However, recent advances in the solar field have sent the cost of this renewable energy spiraling down to unprecedented levels. With more and more efficiency milestones reached every day, solar is now the cheapest way of meeting your energy needs.

No longer is the advantage of solar energy in question.  In the past couple of years, significant breakthroughs in the solar field have catapulted the efficiency of solar panels to record heights while remaining cost-effective.

The strongest testimony to the viability of solar energy, however, is the fact that it’s no longer a “fringe” energy for early adopters. In recent years, solar has graduated from an alternative, emerging technology to a dependable source of energy relied upon by major corporations, satellites, residential houses, and more.

In fact, last year the expansion rate of solar energy installations surpassed that of gas, nuclear, and coal combined. With a consistent growth rate of 8.3% for more than half a decade, solar is proving to be the best solution for businesses and homeowners who want to drive down energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint, and become energy self-sufficient.

Why should corporate investment in renewable energy sources matter to residential customers and small businesses?

The answer is simple: Large corporations won’t gamble the sustainability of their operations on energy sources that are inefficient or unreliable, and their widespread embrace of solar energy is a ringing endorsement of solar’s superiority.

Government support means a Discount for you!

The Bay State has consistently been at the forefront of forward-thinking environmental policies, and this proud tradition continues to manifest itself in the form of attractive incentives for using solar energy. Solar Renewable Energy Credits, commonly known as SREC’s, are one of the primary avenues that the Commonwealth offers residents to save money using solar. However, this program is in the midst of a transition to a new incentive. Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART), will continue to provide state-subsidized benefits to offset the total cost of solar, but like its predecessor SRECS, this program will not last forever, so now is the time to hop aboard the solar train before these incredible incentives expire. At the federal level, there are additional initiatives designed to spur the growth of solar energy. One such program is the Federal Investment Tax Credit, popularly referred to as ITC. Designed to motivate homeowners to take advantage of solar’s sustainable savings, this tax credit can be applied on top of kickbacks received at the state level. Like SREC’s, however, ITC is also being scaled back in 2019, so the sooner you take action the safer you’ll be in locking in these limited-time incentives.

The fact that these government subsidies will soon expire proves three important points:

  • Solar energy has gained enough market momentum that it no longer needs government support to encourage adoption.
  • The prices have fallen so much that solar is now within affordable reach without subsidies.
  • There’s never been a better time to buy solar than now for your household to turn to the bright side of energy!

Bank on solar for a guaranteed ROI

Regardless of your budget or spending capacity, Neeeco Solar can help construct a plan that meets your needs.

No Money Down Lease

For those interested in a zero-cost solution, our no-money-down leasing programs can deliver immediate savings. We will take full responsibility for maintaining and monitoring the solar system on your roof over the lifetime of the contract. Meanwhile, you will receive a guaranteed discount on your electricity. The beauty of this option is a locked-in saving that you can bank on in the face of fluctuating energy costs.

Max Savings Ownership

Purchasing your own system delivers the biggest savings over the long term.  Conservative estimates indicate that households with $100 a month in energy costs could save $35,900 over the course of two decades by switching to solar. And with the help of the Federal Investment Tax Credit, buyers can receive up to 30% off the cost of their system in tax credits, dramatically reducing the barrier to entry for first-time panel owners.

Meanwhile, the cost of oil continues to rise. The Massachusetts Energy Markets Division (MassDOER) analyzed weather forecasts and historical to arrive at the following projections of the rise in energy costs: for 2017-2018:

Table-Estimated Average Residential Winter Heating Bills

So, the question is no longer whether you can afford to get solar, but, rather – can you afford not to?

Solar: minimum costs & maximum service

Now that solar has proven itself a top-tier, premium source of energy for homes and businesses, the government is taking note and issuing incentives for joining the green revolution. With the help of state and federal subsidies, it’s easier more than ever to take command of your home’s energy expenditure. As an efficient company with minimal overhead, Neeeco Solar can provide the lowest prices with maximum service. We are committed to ensuring you meet your home energy goals, as we have done for the thousands of customers who no longer face overpriced, inefficient, non-renewable energy costs. Lower costs and cutting-edge technologies. So join the green revolution, and send fossil fuels the way of the dinosaur.

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