The Best Mass Save® Rebates and Incentives for 2023

If you live in Massachusetts, you’ve probably heard about the Mass Save program. Mass Save helps homeowners throughout the state make their houses more energy efficient with energy rebates, insulation rebates, and more. Mass Save rebates help individual homeowners save money on their heating and cooling bills, and they also help the state reach its carbon reduction goals. 


In 2023, customers of Unitil, National Grid, and Eversource can save big on energy efficiency upgrades with rebates from Mass Save! Neeeco is your local Mass Save contractor, and we’re here to help you take advantage of the best Mass Save rebates and incentives in 2023 so that you can save energy and money.

Learn more about how the Mass Save® program works from our FAQs. 

No-Cost Home Energy Assessment

A Mass Save home energy assessment is the first step toward qualifying for Mass Save incentives. This no-cost energy audit includes a detailed evaluation of your home’s air leakage, insulation levels, HVAC system performance, and more. It will show you where the inefficiencies are located in your home so that they can be targeted and improved, leading to greater home comfort and lower energy bills. 

Neeeco is an authorized Mass Save contractor, and we can complete your no-cost Mass Save energy audit. We’ll provide you with a report detailing the results of your Mass Save home assessment, including the recommended upgrades. Many upgrades qualify for rebates and incentives!

No-Cost Energy Saving Devices

As part of your Mass Save energy audit, you’ll receive no-cost energy saving devices, like advanced power strips, to help you immediately curb energy waste and lower your heating and cooling costs.

Save Up to 100% on New Insulation Installation

Insulation is one of the most effective ways to prevent energy waste and keep your home comfortable. If your home’s insulation is insufficient, you could be eligible for Mass Save insulation rebates worth 75-100% off the cost of your insulation upgrade, plus no-cost air sealing. You could also save $75 per window on ENERGY STAR® Certified Windows. During your no-cost Mass Save energy assessment, we’ll evaluate your insulation and determine whether it needs to be replaced, qualifying you for new insulation rebates. By installing new insulation in your Massachusetts home, you’ll be able to significantly reduce your energy costs, resulting in monthly savings!

Save Up to $1,000 on Energy Efficient Appliances

Old, inefficient appliances waste a lot of energy and energy costs can accumulate as a result. Through the Mass Save program, you can receive rebates for energy efficient appliances that minimize energy waste and cost less to operate. There are incentives available for: 

  • Clothes washers 
  • Clothes dryers 
  • Room air conditioners
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Induction stoves 
  • Room air cleaners 

Find out if you qualify for appliance rebates by scheduling a no-cost Mass Save energy audit today!

Save up to $16,000 With Heating & Cooling Rebates

Inefficient heating and air conditioning equipment can suck up a lot of energy and cause your bills to skyrocket. Mass Save and Neeeco can help you save money on energy-efficient heating and cooling upgrades that will help you cut your energy costs all-year round. Rebates are available for high-efficiency heat pump installation, heat pump water heaters, smart thermostats, and more. 

Save on energy efficiency upgrades with Mass Save rebates and incentives. Schedule a no-cost home energy audit to qualify for rebates! Call (781) 309-7540 or schedule online today.

Updated January 20, 2023