The facts of solar are more profitable than the myths

Let’s get the facts straight

Although solar power’s prominence is on the rise due to its affordability, sophistication of technology, cleanliness, and independence from the volatile costs of conventional energy markets, many myths about it continue to prevail due to a combination of the public’s unfamiliarity with the technology and how recently it’s emerged.

How much do you know about the latest advancements in solar technology? Can you parse out the wheat from the chaff and separate fact from fiction? Read on to discover the eight most common – and easily debunked – myths about solar technology!

MYTH #1 – Solar panels can’t work in inclement weather


Though the postal service may be the institution credited with working through “Rain, snow, sleet, and hail,” they’re far from the only ones – solar panels can power through an array of weather conditions ranging from blue skies to white winters! Despite the bias one might assume solar panels exhibit towards places with lots of sun, in reality, the technology that powers these resilient panels works better in colder temperatures.

This makes Massachusetts an ideal setting for those hoping to take advantage for the savings of solar – and might explain why solar’s presence has grown exponentially within the Bay State over the course of the past decade.

Moreover, solar panels can still generate enough power in the face of cloud cover and rain, proving that even if the day is grey, you can still go green.

MYTH #2 – I can use solar power to keep the lights on even when the power goes out


In the event of a power failure, it can be dangerous to supply power to electric cables being repaired by utility workers.

Consequently, upon detecting that the grid has been shut down, your inverter will shut off any electricity generated by solar panels.

MYTH #3 – Solar energy is too expensive


With Neeeco’s instant savings leasing program you can have a solar array installed on your home with no upfront costs!

Gone are the days of waiting years before experiencing the savings that accompany buying a solar system. Instead, with Neeeco’s customized contracts, you can lock into a low, fixed rate and start pruning down your electric costs immediately!

Best of all, once your rates are set, they can never go up – regardless of fluctuations in the energy market.

MYTH #4 – Solar panels will damage my roof


Rather than posing a risk to roof tiles, solar panels actually serve in a protective capacity by shielding them from the elements. Even in the unlikely situation that the shingles beneath the solar panels are damaged, they can be repaired easily by lifting the panel. Solar panels are not attached directly to the roof during their installation. Instead, they just rest on top of it, making them simple to move should the need for repairs arise.

MYTH #5 – Solar arrays require a lot of maintenance


Solar panels are the cheap dates of energy systems.

They require little maintenance, and can thrive with nothing more than light, routine water-based cleanings to remove accumulated debris.

MYTH #6 – Solar panels make it harder to sell your home


This myth couldn’t be further from the truth.

In actuality, solar panels increase the value of a home by an average sum of $29,000 dollars. Prospective buyers are drawn to the reduced heating and cooling costs that follow being able to render clean, cost-effective energy from the sun’s rays. No one is going to object to a discount on utility bills, which is exactly what solar energy gives. Simply stated, the savings solar energy provides will cause appreciation in customers – and home values.

MYTH #7- The size of your house determines the installation costs of your solar panels


Size does not matter.

The most important factors for determining how much an installation will cost are the orientation and slope of your house’s roof. Other elements that come into consideration are the positioning of your home and whether the panels will have unobstructed access to the sun. Remember: customers that opt to lease their solar system through Neeeco have no installation costs whatsoever!

MYTH #8 – Isn’t clean coal a cheaper and better-developed form of eco-friendly energy?


The fact of the matter is that there’s really no such thing as “clean” coal. Coal continues to be a major pollutant that increases mercury, smog, and carbon levels whenever it’s burnt.

In contrast, solar energy provides truly clean, renewable energy without any unwanted by-products.


Despite the abundance of myths and misconceptions polluting the public’s understanding of the world’s leading renewable energy source, the truth is as clear as our skies will be once more people join the green revolution: Solar is simple, eco-friendly, and – with Neeeco’s innovative leasing options – affordable on any budget.

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