What Are the Advantages of A Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump?

ductless mini-split heat pump

If your old central heating system is about to fail, and you are considering replacing it with a new one, perhaps it’s time to consider a ductless mini-split heat pump that provides both heating and cooling to your home. Let’s look at the advantages such a system offers.

Small Size, Small Equipment

Mini-split systems are smaller than traditional heating systems. The outdoor unit is typically about the size of a suitcase. Indoor units are about the size of a duffel-style gym bag. Of course, the size of the outdoor unit will adjust depending on the number of indoor units you have. 

Additionally, these ductless systems eliminate the need for big, intrusive ductwork by using equipment that only requires small hoses for operation. With the mini-split system, you have a drain line and a refrigerant line neither of which are extremely large. The hole required for installing these units is only approximately 3 inches!

Flexibility In Heating and Cooling

Mini-split ductless systems are flexible. Some of the systems have up to four indoor units connected to one outdoor unit. This allows you to heat or cool 4 separate zones or individual rooms. Each area is controlled by its own thermostat, so you can run one of the units or all of them depending on your needs. 

These units can also be hung in a variety of ways to make your room design easier. They can be mounted on the ceiling, on the wall, and there are even some that can stand on the floor. Typically, you get a remote control to operate the unit as well, so that makes it easier to choose where to mount your indoor unit.

Energy Efficiency Gives Energy Savings

Perhaps the biggest benefit of having a mini-split ductless system is the energy efficiency. These units can be run individually to help save on the cost of heating or cooling your home. The systems are typically precharged with refrigerant which also helps to keep costs down. 

It’s no secret that some of your heating and cooling escapes through your ductwork. Since the mini-split system doesn’t have ductwork, you don’t have that problem. As there is no escaping air, your energy costs will remain lower.

Fast, Easy Installation

Traditional heating and air systems take days or weeks to install depending on the weather, the contractor, and other factors. A mini-split system takes far less time to install. In some cases, depending on the number of units your space requires, installation can be accomplished in a day. Not to mention, the units only require a three-inch hole for conduit instead of reworking walls, floors, or ceilings for ductwork.

Generous Mass Save® Rebates up to $10,000

The sponsors of Mass Save just launched a new incentive for 2022 to offset the cost of heat pumps. When you convert your home’s existing heating and cooling system to one run entirely on mini-splits, you can get back up to $10,000 off the total cost. 

To qualify, sign-up for a no-cost home energy assessment where you’ll learn about additional energy saving incentives, such as 75-100% off the cost of insulating your home. 

Ductless Mini-Split Is A Great Heating & Cooling Solution

When it’s time to replace your heating and cooling unit, you’ll want to take a look at ductless mini-split heat pumps. They are easy to install and energy efficient, saving you money on energy costs. Best of all, the Mass Save incentives could reduce the cost with rebates up to $10,000. Upgrade your home heating & cooling today.