What is the Mass Save Program?

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Next time you’re considering purchasing energy-efficient items or services in the state of Massachusetts, you need to be aware of the Mass Save Program. This program provides a plethora of benefits for homeowners who partake in any form of energy efficiency. 

There are several utility companies that exist in the state that help lower the demand for standard electrical energy and gas companies. These utility companies help Massachusetts homeowners save big on their bills. The following companies take part in the Mass Save Program.

  • Berkshire Gas
  • Cape Light Compact
  • Eversource
  • Liberty Union
  • National Grid
  • Until

Requirements to Enroll In the Mass Save Program

There are only a few requirements a Massachusetts resident must meet before becoming eligible for this program. First, you must be a customer of one of the utility companies listed above. Your home should be between one and four units total. 

You must first schedule a free home energy assessment. These assessments must be completed by an authorized Mass Savings contractor.

Benefits of the Mass Save Program

After the assessment, you receive several no-cost energy savings products, rebates, and incentives. These are just a few of the things you receive as a member.

  • You will receive 75% to 100% on insulation incentives. This means you could potentially receive energy-efficient insulation jobs completed for no charge.
  • You will also enjoy $3,000 in credits for cooling and heating purposes. Separately, you will also receive a $100 rebate for a smart thermostat for your home. 
  • A $1,250 per ton rebate is also applied for all-electric heating and cooling you have used. 
  • You’ll get a $600 rebate on electric heat pump water heaters, a $2,750 rebate for gas heating, and $2,300 for propane heating. 
  • When you install energy-efficient appliances new in your home, you’ll receive substantial savings on these machines. 
  • There’s a $50 rebate for dryers, a $30 rebate for dehumidifiers, $40 for air conditioners, and other discounts for power strips and shower features.

It’s a No-Brainer

Clearly, the state is serious about expanding its energy efficiency options heading into the future. These are incredible savings that can benefit most any homeowner in the state of Massachusetts. It’s easy to get qualified, and it doesn’t make sense to not take advantage of this program. 

Not only do you get all the benefits listed here but switching to energy-efficient appliances and home systems is a money saver in itself. Non-renewable energy costs a fortune compared to smart, renewable energy.

Besides the money savings, you’d also be doing great justice to the community you live in. Energy efficiency provides a cleaner environment for all the residents around you. 

What are you waiting for? With three levels of benefits like this, the Mass Save Program is a no-brainer.