What to Anticipate from A Home Energy Assessment

home energy assessment

The Mass Save program was launched in Massachusetts to help qualified homes manage their energy use and save their utility expenses. The state’s largest utility providers and companies are among the program sponsors, who work together with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources to run the program. Through this agreement, customers who meet the requirements can get no-cost home efficiency assessments and advice on gradually using less energy. This program also makes additional incentives, rebates, and resources accessible.

The program offers no-cost home energy assessments to understand energy usage better and learn how to minimize it in the future. One of the significant benefits of this program is that it enables homeowners to save money efficiently.

You can request your Mass Save no-cost home energy evaluation if you deal with a licensed contractor. However, a company with the Mass Save program’s approval must perform the assessment. Additionally, for you to be eligible for the rebates and incentives that have been provided, any following work must be completed by a Mass Save partner. Participants in the Mass Save program can choose a contractor from a list of pre-approved partners or have one assigned to them.

Several “no-cost” options are available to Massachusetts residents eligible for the Mass Save program. It can help customers manage their energy usage and lower overall utility expenses.

So are you prepared to start reducing your home’s energy use? If you’ve been trying to find ways to save energy, you’ve probably heard about the Mass Save home energy assessment. Neeeco produced this program to assist homeowners in identifying inefficient portions of their houses and implementing energy-saving improvements. And the most excellent method to make your house more energy-efficient is to conduct a home energy assessment. 

What should you anticipate from a home energy evaluation, then?

When you arrange for an evaluation, a team of experts will visit your house to conduct an inspection. Remember that this will take roughly two hours for a typical-sized home. In addition, the inspector will conduct testing across your entire house.It will aid in identifying inefficient areas and any potential safety issues.

  • Check for the heating system. Your auditor will examine your heating system for security and energy efficiency, taking note of its age, noise level, and potential leaks. Your auditor will then follow up with any recommendations that are required.
  • Thermal imaging. Your inspector can use thermal imaging cameras to check how much insulation you have in your walls, which will help determine whether you might need more. Remember that your attic or crawl space may be larger than usual if you live in a big or ancient house, which could make your energy inspection take 2-4 hours.

The inspector will give you a thorough energy report after the inspection. It offers suggestions for no-cost treatments like air and duct sealing, which establishes your home’s airtightness. It will also go through other improvements, like updated insulation, that can affect your house’s energy efficiency. 

Your energy report will include any rebates and incentives you are eligible for, which can help you cover the cost of these services. Your home-energy specialist can assist you in completing the necessary paperwork. Following the assessment, you are given a number of incentives, rebates, and no-cost energy-saving products. 

These are just a few of the benefits you get when you register.

  • On insulation incentives, you can get up to 75% to 100%.
  • Mass Save ductless mini split rebates, you can save up to $15,000 when you install a mini split heat pump.
  • $100 rebate for a smart thermostat for your house separately.
  • $750 instant discount on heat pump and water incentive.
  • Save up to $1,000 in incentives for room air conditioners and dehumidifiers.

These are just the incentives and rebates that Neeeco can offer to you. You’ll save money on these appliances when you install new energy-efficient ones in your home. An energy specialist will help you identify your home’s energy requirements and take action to make it more energy-efficient. The first step is to schedule your no-cost assessment. Make an appointment for your examination with Neeeco today to take the first step.

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