What to Expect During a Home Energy Assessment

inspecting for air leads in home air duct

If you want to make energy efficiency improvements to your home, a no-cost Mass Save® Home Energy Assessment is a great first step. This comprehensive evaluation locates inefficiencies in your home’s energy consumption and identifies energy-saving opportunities, like insulation upgrades, so you can make the most impactful energy efficiency improvements.

Neeeco is a long-standing Massachusetts energy efficiency expert. We are a Mass Save® Partner providing no-cost Home Energy Assessments to Massachusetts residents. We find the most effective upgrades for your home and help you access rebates and incentives to reduce your installation costs. 

What Happens During a Home Energy Assessment?

When you schedule a no-cost Mass Save Home Energy Assessment with Neeeco, one of our Energy Specialists will visit your home to conduct an inspection. They’ll talk to you about the problems you may be experiencing, like high energy costs, and perform a walkthrough of your entire home. During the walkthrough, your Energy Specialist will examine your insulation, windows, heating and cooling equipment, gas appliances, and more. Our Energy Specialists leave no stone unturned—don’t be surprised if they climb up into your attic to get a better look at your insulation! The entire process takes about two hours for a standard home.

What’s Included in a No-Cost Home Energy Assessment?

Thanks to the Sponsors of Mass Save, Massachusetts residents can receive a comprehensive Home Energy Assessment at no cost. It includes: 

  • Inspection – An Energy Specialist conducts a thorough interior and exterior inspection of your home to locate energy-saving opportunities. 
  • Energy-Saving Devices – We’ll install energy-saving devices at no cost to you, like faucet aerators and smart power strips, for immediate energy savings. 
  • Custom Report – You’ll receive a custom report detailing the results of your energy assessment and the recommended upgrades. 
  • Incentive Guidance – Most upgrades qualify for rebates and incentives, and some are available at no cost! We will determine what incentives you’re eligible for and walk you through the process of claiming your Mass Save incentives. 

Next Steps: Making the Recommended Upgrades*

After you complete your Mass Save Home Energy Assessment, it’s important to make the recommended upgrades. This is how you’ll see tangible results, like better energy efficiency, lower energy costs, improved comfort, and improved indoor air quality. We will help you schedule your upgrades and access incentives and rebates, which can include: 

Every house is different, but weatherization (insulation and air sealing upgrades) is usually the first step in improving energy efficiency and reducing energy loss. With better insulation and air sealing, you’ll benefit from lower heating and cooling costs, fewer indoor drafts, reduced risk of ice dams, and more. Insulation improvements are the most common recommendation we make during Home Energy Assessments, and we can help you save 75-100% off the cost of your upgrade with Mass Save insulation rebates! 

*Some restrictions apply. Offers are subject to change or cancellation. Visit MassSave.com/HEA for full details.

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