Why Every New Homeowner Needs an Energy Assessment

man inspection home writing on clipboard

There’s nothing quite as exciting as buying a new house. But after a few weeks in your new home, you may start to realize problems like cold drafts, a hot upstairs, or an air conditioner that’s constantly running. 

It’s not easy to notice problems with energy efficiency and home comfort before you’re living with them every day. That’s why it’s so important to get an energy efficiency inspection when you move into a new house.

With a no-cost Mass Save® Home Energy Assessment from Neeeco, you’ll be able to quickly uncover and solve energy problems in your new home. Plus, you may be eligible for Mass Save rebates and incentives to help you pay for improvements!

Get Your Energy Usage in Check

It’s hard to anticipate what your energy bill usage will look like when you move into a new house. Many areas of concern, like insulation, are not included in standard home inspections, which means you may not be aware of inefficiencies. 

During a Home Energy Assessment, our technicians look at all the areas of your home that could be contributing to energy loss. We will inspect your insulation, HVAC system, windows, and more to uncover hidden inefficiencies that are costing you money. 

We can make some upgrades immediately and at no cost, such as replacing your faucet aerators to save water. Bigger improvements like installing new insulation or a mini split heat pump may qualify for generous Mass Save rebates. We can help you access rebates and our team will schedule your installation right away.

Solve Comfort Problems Quickly

You deserve to live comfortably in your new home. If problems with your heating and air conditioning are making it hard to stay comfortable, you want to solve them fast. 

With a Home Energy Assessment, you can find out what’s causing issues like a hot second floor, cold winter drafts, or one room that’s always colder than the rest. Once we know what’s causing the comfort problems in your house, we can recommend the most effective solution and help you qualify for Mass Save incentives to pay for the work.

Get Rid of Indoor Allergens

Have your kids been coughing and sneezing ever since moving into your new house? Indoor allergens may be to blame. When a house isn’t properly insulated and air sealed, outside contaminants like pollen and smoke can get in, triggering allergic reactions and even asthma attacks. Homes that are not properly sealed and insulated are also more susceptible to mold growth, which can be a serious health risk.

Access Mass Save Rebates & Incentives

The Sponsors of Mass Save offer generous rebates to Massachusetts residents to help them make energy efficiency improvements to their homes. And it’s not just homeowners who qualify—renters can also take advantage of Home Energy Assessments and incentives. 

Some of the Mass Save rebates you may be eligible for include*: 

  • 75-100% off insulation 
  • No-cost air sealing 
  • ENERGY STAR window rebates 
  • Up to $10,000 in heat pump rebates
  • Zero-interest HEAT Loan financing up to 50k

A Mass Save Home Energy Assessment is the first step toward making your new home as healthy, comfortable, and energy efficient as possible with Mass Save incentives. And it’s available at absolutely no cost to you. There’s no better way to start your new home ownership journey!  

*Some restrictions apply. Offers are subject to change or cancellation. Visit MassSave.com/HEA for full details.

Schedule your no-cost Mass Save Home Energy Assessment today. Call (781) 309-7540 or book an appointment online.