Assignment, Scheduling, and Completion of Work

5.1. HPC might market the availability of Assessment Work as per the Program and with marketing rules, as given by Abode, including but not limited to the existing version of the Mass Save ® Co-Brand Agreement. All marketing stuff made or used HPC which is for the brand Mass Save ® and/or services given by the Program must be submitted to Abode for approval before utilization.

5.2. If HPC recognizes a potential Customer for Work under the Program autonomously, HPC will input that Customer’s essential data into such software interface as Abode might require to define a Customer’s eligibility to obtain Assessment Work under the Program. 

5.3. Before the time Abode transmits established Customer eligibility to HPC, HPC will not make any representation to any potential Customer (or another party) that HPC will be able to provide Work under the Program or this Agreement. 

5.4. Abode keeps the right but has no responsibility, to request that HPC do Assessment Work for Customers not referred to Abode by HPC. 

5.5. To the degree that HPC assumes to perform or does do any Work, including Assessment Work or Installation Work, whether due to an HPC referral, a referral by Abode, or otherwise, HPC will do all administrative duties that Abode necessitates HPC to do in connection therewith e.g. scheduling accuracy, QA form completion, etc. 

5.6. Details of programmatic measures will be given during Initial Training or more training provided by Abode, or in written communications or memoranda issued by Abode. 

5.7. HPC shall not ask or enter into the agreement with a Customer, or otherwise undertake or do Work or services, or to supply equipment or materials to a Customer, which directly or indirectly displace any available Program offerings or measures, or which are in the clash, in the discretion of Abode, with either the then-current version of the “Mass Save ® Home Energy Assessment Standards” or the “Mass Save ® HES Materials & Installation Standards, and Conduct for Energy Efficiency Measure Installation Contractors.” 

5.8. When HPC is sure that all Installation Work under a Customer Contract is complete, HPC shall bring to Abode a Certificate of Completion, signed by both the Customer and an official representative of HPC, specifying all Installation Work done, and shall give a copy of the signed Certificate of Completion to the Customer, with all required invoices.

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