Checks and certifications

The home’s Energy Survey may find an identification of “knob and tube” wiring. This traditional wiring involves individual wires running across the walls and ceilings in a home with ceramic “knobs” and “tubes” to prevent exposure with wood framing. The knob and tube wiring identified may not appear to be active. Even if the observed wiring seems to be inactive, there may still be an active knob and tube circuits concealed inside walls or other unreachable areas of the home.

As per Program guidelines, a licensed electrician must check the home and certify it as being free of all active knob & tube wiring, before starting any insulation and/or air sealing work. Your electrician should submit this duly filled document to the Program Designee for verification of the absence or inactivity of the knob and tube wiring in the areas of the home where insulation to be installed, is being proposed. Due to the liability involved in signing such a form, the electrician should be explained about the same before hiring him to inspect the home. This is to be sure he/she is willing to sign it. The home could benefit from insulation and/or air sealing in the:

  • Attic
  • Walls
  • Basement

Note: Once Program Designee receives this certification, a Contract will be issued for energy-saving insulation and/or air sealing work.

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