Crew Chief Requirements

The Performance Standards Subcommittee has proposed some requirements for all Home Energy Services Program representatives to follow. 

• Before Coming to the Site 

  • Vehicle Identification – The company name must be mentioned on company vehicles.
  • Confirm about the visit to the customers before coming on the site via email, letter, or phone call.
  • Crew Chief Requirements – Crew Chief should be the first and last point of contact for customers.
    • Crew Chief should show his identification to customers via business card, ID badge, or other identification that confirms him as the Crew Chief at the Mass Save Participating Contractor. He must provide an overview of the work going to be performed and the working site. 
    • At the end of each day, the Crew Chief will make sure the customer is satisfied with the cleanliness of the home. He will also review the work completed and answer the customers’ additional questions.
    • Crew Chiefs should inform the customer that they may request an Inspection of the work and maybe be contacted to participate in surveys or inspections following the completion of the work.

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