General Mass Save Contractor Crew Requirements

  1. Smoking – Mass Save Contractor should be out of direct sight of the customers. This could include smoking in the company vehicle, personal vehicle, or across the street. All cigarette waste should be properly disposed of and removed from the property each day. 
  1. Crew Clothing – All crew must wear shirts and pants at all times while on-site. Clothing should be free from vulgar or offensive language/pictures. All clothing and general appearance should reflect the high standards of the Mass Save Home Energy Services Program.
  1. Shoes.  The crew must follow OSHA requirements for footwear, as well as take care of customer’s expectations for wearing footwear in the home, including wearing booties to avoid dirt into the house when necessary and properly protect travel areas from foot traffic.
  1. The crew must ask the homeowner for permission before using the restroom facilities. The crew should not eat food in the customer’s home. The crew may eat in the driveway/truck and should clean up after themselves. 
  1.  Phone usage inside the home should be limited to work-related calls only. Each company is responsible for maintaining its employee requirements regarding phone use, but should not interfere with their work or customer service. 
  1. Each member of the crew is expected to refrain from any language or actions that could be construed as offensive, harassing, intimidating, and/or demeaning while at a customers’ property.
  1. Customer/Condition of House: No trash will be left on the property. The crew must leave the customer’s property in the same condition as when the work started.  No graffiti will be permitted on the customer’s property at any time. 
  2. Working Hours – Unless authorized by the customer, crews will work during normal business hours and all crews must follow all local ordinances. Customers should not be in the general area when work is being completed.

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