7.1. All Customer Contracts must mention Utility Incentive Share,” which is the amount or share of the total price of the Customer Contract to be released to HPC by Abode, and the “Customer Share,” which is the amount or share of the total price of the Customer Contract to be released to HPC by the Customer. 

7.2. HPC might want that Customer pay a sum of no more than one-third (1/3) of the Customer Portion of the total price on the stop of Customer Contract being signed. 

7.3. Within 07 business days of accomplishment of the Installation Work, HPC shall provide all invoices to Abode for the Utility Incentive Share of the applicable Customer Contract. If the Customer Contract relates to a Home Energy Assessment for which there was Installation Work performed, HPC shall provide such invoice to Abode within thirty (30) days after the completion of the assessment. The invoices should comply with the requirements of Abode in terms of the content, form, detail, and supporting documentation, including at a minimum, each Customer’s personal contact details like address and the phone number at which HPC established contact with the Customer, the date(s) when the Installation Work was done and completed, and the quantities and measures installed. 

7.4. Abode can subtract a processing fee from payments because of HPC for Work invoices that are not provided within the period or do not meet the requirements established in preceding Paragraph 7.3. 

7.5. Within fifteen (15) business days of the close of the billing period, Abode will pay for the approved Utility Incentive Share for applicable Customer Contracts, services provided and measures installed as per the complete and correct data entered and approved in WFA at that time.

7.6. In the case when after payment by Abode of any part of the Utility Incentive Share, Abode, the Utility, or any court or arbitrator realizes that any portion of the Customer Contract price was not earned or should be rebated for any reason, Abode will rebate the unearned or rebated amount to the right parties and subtract said rebate amount from HPC’s future payments of any type. If no future payments are anticipated, Abode will send an invoice to HPC for the obligatory amount and HPC will remit repayment within thirty (30) days after receiving the invoice. 

7.7. HPC shall invoice balance of the Customer Share of the Customer Contract price, to the customer, less any deposit, just after HPC has given Customer with a Certificate of Completion detailing the costs of all measures completed, and after obtaining Customer’s signature on the completed Certificate of Completion. 

7.8. Abode will make payment for Assessment Work done under the terms of Agreement within fifteen (15) days after receiving the HPC’s invoice, if that invoice is complete, correct, and submitted as per Abode’s requirements.

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